Tinnitus changes you

Introduction It’s inevitable that whenever a major event happens in your life, good or bad, the impact leaves a lasting imprint somewhere in the back of your mind. It actually may change you forever. Your view on life will be different. Tinnitus has done that to me. Apart from the physical challenges, tinnitus changes you on a mental level … [Read more…]

Caffeine and Tinnitus: Part 2(The Results)

Hi friends Welcome to part 2 of our discussion on the relationship between caffeine and tinnitus. If you refer to my previous post entitled “Does caffeine make your tinnitus worse?’ you will find that I concluded off by mentioning that it is debatable on whether caffeine intake is an aggravator for tinnitus or not. To summarise As I mentioned in that article, there … [Read more…]

Can TMJ cause Tinnitus?

Can TMJ Cause tinnitus? In this article, I will be discussing TMJ and its relation to Tinnitus.I will first chat about various signs and symptoms associated with TMJ. Then we explore the connection between tinnitus and TMJ. If you think that you may have TMJ, we will talk about some treatment options that you can … [Read more…]

Why is dancing good for you?

Hi Everyone In my previous articles, we have learned about the benefits that yoga, coloring activities and acupuncture offered to tinnitus. So,why is dancing good for you and your tinnitus? Interested? Let’s find out. With either some funk or a classy style, its very easy to find yourself clapping your hands and your hips swaying from side to side with your feet … [Read more…]

Is Coloring good for tinnitus

Introduction Hi Everyone, and welcome back.Is coloring good for your tinnitus?Apart from dancing and routine exercises to help us ,does this simple recreational activity help in any way with the ringing in your ears? Well let’s find out. We humans are visual by nature. We are attracted to images and if these images are embedded with color, chances … [Read more…]

Is Tinnitus DANGEROUS ?

Introduction Is tinnitus dangerous for your health? This really does depend on a number factors such as the intensity with which one has the tinnitus. Then another crucial component is the individuals mental health in coping with the tinnitus. Lastly,  the availability of resources such as support groups to the person. These factors can determine whether tinnitus is ultimately a threat or not to … [Read more…]

Tinnitus and the Brain

Introduction Hi everyone and welcome. We are aware by now that there is a relationship between tinnitus and the brain. Today I want to discuss this relationship a little bit more. I want to talk about what actually happens to the brain of someone who is suffering from tinnitus.I had come to know of an interesting piece of … [Read more…]

Yoga and Tinnitus, a good match-up or not?

Yoga and tinnitus If you recall, in my previous post reviewing the P90X extreme workout program, I mentioned the yoga program was crucial in helping me with the ringing in my ears. I feel that yoga and tinnitus is a combination that is absolutely necessary. I would like to discuss the actual getting into yoga, the hurdles that one faces or … [Read more…]