Exercise and Tinnitus, what works, what doesn’t?

OK, I think before I carry on with the relationship between exercise and tinnitus, I first would like to discuss briefly the fundamental benefits that exercise offers to us human beings. In a nutshell, exercise is essential because it Burns calories, helps us to loose weight Improves cardiovascular strength- Yoga, for instance improves strength balance,     … [Read more…]

Diet and Tinnitus

Our bodies need sustenance, and it gets this from the food we eat, the amount of water we drink and the exercise we do on a regular basis to function on an optimal level amongst other lifestyle modifications. I would like to focus in this section a little on the foods to avoid in tinnitus … [Read more…]

What is Tinnitus?

Everything about the ear

OK, before I get to explaining how to deal with tinnitus, I think it would be a good idea for me to start off with the definition of tinnitus. According to The Merck Manual, tinnitus is a noise that originates in the ear rather than in the environment.  It is a symptom and not a specific … [Read more…]