My Review of the William Sound Pocketalker Hearing Amplifier System

Hello Everyone Welcome to my review of the William Sound Pocketalker Personal Amplifier system. I know, it sounds like a mouthful, but after seeing what this amazing device can do, I felt the need to do a review on it. Before I continue, I would like to clear up something with you first. Diversify the Subject Matter Though the main purpose of … [Read more…]

How to treat Tinnitus Naturally?

How to treat tinnitus naturally

Hello everyone and welcome. In this article, I would like to share with you my 5 ways on how to treat tinnitus naturally. Some of these ways may have been overlooked and is worthwhile to try. I would encourage you to share your story of what natural way/s has helped you, so that we can all help each other. This … [Read more…]