Can hearing aids help with Tinnitus?

Can hearing aids help with tinnitus? Allow me to give you my personal experience with having to wear a hearing aid and discuss the effect that it had or has on my tinnitus. My Story Most of you already know my story regarding my hearing. I would like to give the newcomers a quick rundown. Like … [Read more…]

Can Melatonin help with Tinnitus?

Can melatonin help with tinnitus

Can melatonin help with tinnitus? A question that certainly sits on the minds of a lot of tinnitus sufferers. The answer though, may not be as simple as a yes or no. Allow me to explain to you more about Melatonin. What its uses, benefits and associated side effects are.Then I will talk to you about some studies that … [Read more…]

How Can Tinnitus be treated effectively ?

As a tinnitus sufferer, not a day goes by without me asking myself this question.” Can tinnitus be treated effectively so that I can live as “normal” a life as possible? A lot of us wake up every day with this constant buzzing, hissing , whistling roaring noises of tinnitus. At times the “spikes” get so bad, that we may cry … [Read more…]