Can TMJ cause Tinnitus?

Can TMJ Cause tinnitus?Can Tmj cause tinnitus?

In this article, I will be discussing TMJ and its relation to Tinnitus.I will first chat about various signs and symptoms associated with TMJ. Then we explore the connection between tinnitus and TMJ. If you think that you may have TMJ, we will talk about some treatment options that you can try out.

So let’s get started.

What Is TMJ syndrome?

According to the Oxford Medical Dictionary, TMJ is defined as ” a condition in which the patient has painful Temporomandibular joints, tenderness in the muscles that move the jaw,clicking of the joints and limitation of jaw movement.”

Is TMJ common? It is said that TMJ occurs more commonly in females than in males. Approximately, 10million Americans  are affected by this condition.

Signs and Symptoms Of TMJ

The Common signs and symptoms of TMJ includeCan TMJ cause tinnitus?

Pain-due to inflammation of the joint.

Jaw Locking or Clicking. This usually  is due to the grinding of the teeth and these clicking noises are often heard during opening and closing of the mouth.

Headaches– Despite minor headaches the person may even get migraines.

Ear Pain – As well as  hearing of the constant  popping and clicking noises of the jaw.

So how exactly does TMJ come about?

There are various theories around this.Stress, may cause one to tighten their muscles and clench or grind their teeth which brings about TMJ .

Regarding the stress, I have written previous articles,’ Yoga and Tinnitus, a good match-up or not?‘ and ‘Is coloring good for Tinnitus?’ that may assist you in stress control, should you be interested.

Other causes may include injuries to the neck such as whiplash or an intense blow as well as injuries to the head and jaw joint areas.

Arthritis, a bone demineralization condition can also cause TMJ.

What is the link between TMJ and Tinnitus?

There is a very close association between disorders of the Jaw Joint( TMJ) and Tinnitus.An individual having problems with not only their main jaw joint but with the neck too,  will be more likely to develop symptoms that are characteristic of tinnitus.

The muscles of mastication or chewing muscles are very closely connected to muscles of the inner ear.So people with TMJ, this is a likely cause for both hearing loss as well as tinnitus.

Another theory is that the nerve supply system to the TMJ, is also responsible for helping the brain interpreting sound and hearing. So, it makes sense that if this nerve supply is in any way affected, then tinnitus or hearing abnormalities can come about.

Therefore it can be deduced that just by altering certain movements around the jaw, head and neck regions, the severity of the tinnitus can be affected.

In essence then, by focusing on appropriate methods to rectify the TMJ, we can in turn minimize the tinnitus.

Diagnosis of TMJ

Since TMJ may involve both muscles as well as joints, it is essential to use specific procedures to confirm its diagnosis.

A dentist  or a specialist examining the area, may need to order an MRI( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or X-ray. Clinical examination is not effective enough to confirm TMJ. .MRI is the most efficient imaging  method as it picks up joint abnormalities, which is characteristic of TMJ.

How do I treat TMJ?

This entirely depends on the severity of the TMJ, as well as any damage that may have been caused to the joints.

Non-invasive techniques includes, lessening the pressure on the jaw joints by switching to a soft food eating plan. Theses includes foods such as fruits , vegetables, smoothies , eggs , yoghurt and soft chicken.

Jaw Exercises

Theses exercises help firstly to ‘rehabilitate the jaw’. They work on the ligaments that are attached to the jaw joint. They may help to alleviate the pain initially. When you start with them, you actually may experience more pain. This is because your jaw needs to adjust with the new movements.

Then the next focus of theses exercises is for maintenance therapy. To keep the pain from returning.

(With full Credit to Ask …..I use the video below taken from to illustrate some TMJ exercises)

Another point to note, is what I like to call ‘conscious’ exercise. I call it this because you to have to be conscious or aware of what you are doing. Certain things like biting of your nails and lips may be a habit, however, stopping these habits requires you to be aware of them.

These things aggravate the TMJ. Also, when you are resting or sleeping, try to bring both upper and lower sets of teeth together. In this way, you get into the habit of getting them into proper alignment.

Pain Management

Depending on the severity of the headache or migraine, you are going to want to use the appropriate treatment.You can start off with the standard analgesic containing paracetamol. It will help for mild headaches.

You can just try the anti-inflammatories on its own, those that contain Ibuprofen( Advil Liqui-Gels, or Nurofen).Another option is muscle relaxants ( Norflex Co).These contain paracetamol and orphenadrine( relaxant).

If the headaches are more intense, or if they develop into migraines then you may need stronger medication. A combination of paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine (Myprodol), may give you some relief. Here you are getting an analgesic with an anti-inflammatory( ibuprofen), the codeine is for the pain too.

So this combination is certainly going to address the inflammation you are suffering  from as well as the associated pain.But just remember, the anti-inflammatories also have a tendency of aggravating the stomach,so this is best taken after meals.

If you have a sensitive tummy or these don’t do the trick, then you may have to visit your doctor for a prescription for stronger medication.

Natural Tranquilizers and Relaxants

There are herbal Tranquilizers and homeopathic tissue salts that help to calm and de-stress the individual.”Biral’,’ Calmettes’ or ‘Relicalm’ are some examples of natural tranquilizers. I will cover this topic in detail later on.


During sleep, grinding of the teeth takes place which puts pressure on the jaw joint.

The purpose of a bite plate is to position the jaw in the correct way, thereby reducing any pressures on it, which comes from clenching or grinding.Can TMJ cause tinnitus?

Bite-plates are quite effective in relieving TMJ.Results may vary from one person to the next.

I have read feedback of various people, whereby bite-plates have helped them in reducing their tinnitus. In one instance the person was doing his routine running, and found that the running is what aggravated his tinnitus. He was recommend to an ENT, who in turn suggest he get a mouth guard for use during exercise.

It turns out that the mouth guard helped.The theory here is that the recoil from the running caused the jaw joint to ‘tap’ into the ear.This in turn brings about the tinnitus.

The mouth guard forms a cushion between the barrier of the jaw joint and the inner ear and prevents the teeth from clenching during the exercise, hence alleviating the tinnitus.

Other things that can help my TMJ

Chewing gum does not relax jaw movements and can aggravate the tinnitus, therefore if you have a habit of chewing gum, do you level best to reduce the frequency and try to give this habit up if possible.

Placing your tongue between your teeth prevents clenching and grinding of the teeth.

Face Massages using certain natural oils can calm one down and take him or her away from the stresses.

Kinesiology or muscle testing done by a professional Kinesiologist helps to reset the TMJ.

So I tried all of the above, Nothing works, What’s Next?

TENS( Transcutanoues Electrical Nerve Stimulation) this is the delivery ( using a remote) of a small electrical current (via electrodes) to the area whereby the pain is experienced, in this case the jaw area.

According to WebMd, the electrical stimulation of nerves sends signals to the brain that block off the normal “pain” signals.Furthermore, this stimulation also allows the body to produce natural painkillers called endorphins which reduces the pain.

Ultrasound: It involves the application of deep heat over the areas to minimize the pain and improve flexibility. A word of caution here, as this method could cause more pain in some instances.

The Last Resort

Only if all else fails, then would I consider surgery as an option. Why ??? Because its irreversible. So make 100% sure, that this is the way forward for you.


Thank you for sticking with me to the end. So to answer the question, can TMJ cause tinnitus? The answer lies as a resounding YES. We have seen how common this condition is, and how it actually brings about the tinnitus. More so, we have an idea of what methods to use to treat it. We know stress plays an important part and I thought I attached a link which I think will be helpful to you in this regard.

⇒Let the Stress take a hike, escape into Nature, Click Here⇐

Is TMJ a pain in the neck? What helps you with your TMJ and Tinnitus? We would love to know. Share with me your story.

Let me know if this article has helped you, and if you enjoyed it, please share it with others using any of the social platforms below.

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  1. steve

    i have tmj and is so annoying my jaw is mostly in the morning having to click in to place which sounds really loud to me but my partner can even here it ive recently had a special mouth gaurd fitted for sleeping but its so uncomfotable only had tintulus once thank god

    • Roopesh

      Hi Steve

      Thanks for sharing.

      I am sorry to hear about your TMJ. Am glad though that you do not have tinnitus.

      Hope the mouth guard is giving you a good night sleep.

      Kind Regards


  2. Cathy

    Hi there Roopesh,

    It’s quite timely that I came across this article. I had TMJ pain couple months back and was worried if it was something bad because I never experienced anything like that before.

    I was also going through a stressful period at work which caused a severe deep muscle pain on my left scapula. Coincidentally, the TMJ pain was also on the left side.

    I made some lifestyle changes and took a friend’s advice to do deep tissue massage using a lacrosse ball. I used a tennis ball instead and just after a few days of rolling it on my back, my muscle pain start to ease a bit and the TMJ pain miraculously disappear.

    I wonder if it was stress related and your article confirms it for me. So thank you. Need to do more checklist for a healthier lifestyle.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Cathy

      So sorry to hear about yout TMJ.It most certainly is related to stress.When we are stressed out, we are not aware that in the process, we are clenching or grinding our teeth aggravating the TMJ.

      Nonetheless I am really glad to know that you found a way.At the end of the day, that is what matters.

      Controlling the stress is key.

      Glad that this article helped you.

      Kind Regards


  3. Hey,
    Great post.
    For some strange reason I seem to be coming across and increasing number of friends, family members and colleagues that seem to have tinnitus issues and this discussion about TMJ, is packed full of valuable information.
    I will let people know about your blog post so that it can answer some of their questions.

    Valuable stuff.

    • Hi Jon
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I am so glad that you have found the discussion helpful and informative.
      I thank you very much for sharing this information with all your friends and family.
      God Bless

  4. Dave

    God tinnitus is the absolute worst! I have never really thought about TMJ syndrome in the past, but with jaw pain and jaw tightness it’s something I will need to think about. Wearing the retainers seems like a bit of a pain and something that might restrict sleep though, does this happen a lot?

    • Roopesh

      Hello Dave

      Yes, I hear you, Tinnitus can certainly be bothersome, annoying and downright nasty at times.

      My tinnitus is not as a result of TMJ so I have not tried the plates,I have spoken to a few patients who have, as their tinnitus is because of their TMJ.

      They found the plates to be an initial hindrance, but after a while, they got used to it. They found it eases the tension around the facial area. One customer told me that wearing them actually took away his headaches, which were pounding and excruciating.



  5. Kelara

    Great article on TMJ and great tips as well. I suffered from a mild case of TMJ many years ago. The clicking of the jaw was more annoying than anything. I didn’t have a lot of pain associated with it but I did suffer from a lot of migraines at that time. It finally went away on it’s own. I can’t say I did anything to make it go away. I tried the mouth guard but always ended up unconsciously spitting it across the room in the middle of the night. I will say that I made some life changes that removed a lot of stress from my life. I begin to sleep a lot better so I stopped clenching my teeth at night. That’s probably what allowed the problem to correct itself. Thanks again for the article.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Kelara

      Happy that you enjoyed this post.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us .I also tried the mouth guard at one point, and it was rather irritating to wear.

      It good to hear that with lifestyle modifications you are able to control your stress levels. which really does help a lot.

      Glad to hear that you got it under control.

      All the best.

      Take Care


  6. Hi
    I developed tinnitus and went to the audiologist and he told me that probably the cause of it was tmj
    I went to the dentist later and he diagnosed a tmj disorder and that was the cause of the tinnitus
    I have a question cantthe tinnitus go away with the treatment for tmj?

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your question.
      It is very possible that if the pressure of the TMJ against the relevant nerves is decreased, then your tinnitus can either lessen or go away.
      I have had a customer tell me that after a dentist fitted her with a bite plate, after 2 weeks there was an improvement in her tinnitus.
      Wish you all the best of luck.

        • Hi again.
          Ouch! okay at least the procaine is helping with the pain. I suppose once it wears off, it can be quite bothersome. Are they are going to give you painkillers?

          • Hi again
            I noticed today after the third infiltration that my tinnitus has been a little down
            I don’t have so much pain it’s mostly DrI tension and the tinnitus I’m a little scared that it just gonna be placebo
            I’m so scared that this tinnitus istn gonna go away but the audiologist and the maxilo facial says it’s possible to go away after the infiltration and orthodontic treatment

          • Hey There
            Glad to hear from you again. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
            Its sound to me like things are coming right your side.

            There was a time I was Tinnitus free for a week or two after a period of 6months. Boy it felt so good. Anyways, during this week, I was happy but scared and kept thinking to myself “I hope the tinnitus does not come back.” Guess what it came back.

            Try not to think about the tinnitus returning, I know its hard, but it may work as well.
            I will be praying for you and wish you everything of the best.
            Take Care

  7. Hi Roopesh
    Its me again, after two or more weeks wiafter getting the braces in my upper theet i noticed that the tinnitus has decreased, and i’m kidna hoping it will go away

    • Hi Azuly
      Thanks for keeping me in the loop.I am so glad to hear this.I hope and pray that the tinnitus will go away.

      Let me know how it goes.

      All the best.

  8. Shannon

    Wow – I never put these two things together. I have a history of both TMJ and Tinnitus, although the Tinnitus was just a few short lived bouts thankfully. It makes sense since it’s all connected.

    For relief from TMJ, relaxation was the biggest thing for me. I would get migranes and when I was stressed, I would always be clenching my jaw.

    Thanks for the informative article – I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    • Roopesh

      Hello Shannon

      Glad that you enjoyed the article.

      I am happy to hear that your Tinnitus is not as pronounced.You are lucky.

      Often migraines do go along with TMJ.One of the other ways of relaxation is getting facial massages.That is really helpful for the TMJ.Just to let you know

      Thanks for swinging by.



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