Is Tinnitus DANGEROUS ?


Is tinnitus dangerous for your health? This really does depend on a number factors such as the intensity with which one has the tinnitus. Then another crucial component is the individuals mental health in coping with the tinnitus. Lastly,  the availability of resources such as support groups to the tinnitus dangerous These factors can determine whether tinnitus is ultimately a threat or not to his/her life.

If you have to look at conditions such as cancers or heart disease or even diabetes you will find that the same stages takes place to classify whether they are dangerous or not to the person.

If the cancer is spreading rapidly or the heart is beating too fast or too slow, or the sugar levels are way above normal, then these conditions have a high probability of becoming dangerous to ones health. If the person does not have family and friends for support along with the necessary medical treatment, then recovery or healing will seem less likely .

Tinnitus, on the other hand does not have a single injection or pill that will just make the ringing go away.(At least not just yet, but they are working on it). From my own experience and a lot of other sufferers, we will tell you that is a psychological battle more than a physical one.

This is where tinnitus can be dangerous, if the psychological problems that one is going through spirals out of control and is not addressed promptly or efficiently things can become fatal.

What am I talking about?

Here is the psychological cycle I am talking about. When someone has ringing in the ears, it can either be mild or not. If it’s not mild, then the person will start having difficulty coping in social settings, be it at work, with family and friends and finding listening to music or watching TV, a painstaking tinnitus dangerous

The person begins to feel anxious causing them to withdraw from social interaction and abstain from  multimedia engagement. He or she gets frustrated and angry and can display a lot of mood changes.

The person can then likely fall into a depression. The brain is an absolutely powerful thing and works with chemical balances to function at its best. Depression causes an imbalance in the brain and must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

So what happens if this depression is not treated properly?

If not picked up early, then it may be too late. The individual starts getting suicidal tendencies and the last straw is drawn and LIFE comes to an tinnitus dangerous

So is tinnitus dangerous? Yes, if the mind finds the tinnitus really unbearable,then it can be a threat to the persons life.

How significant is Tinnitus in our community?

According to the American Tinnitus Association, there are roughly 2million people who find tinnitus to significantly affect their lives.

Just out of interest, did you know that famous tinnitus sufferers include Star Trek actor, William Shatner, Comedian Steve Martin and Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.

Suicide and Tinnitus is a reality

There is a tragic story of a sister who had a brother who suffered from tinnitus for 3 and a half years, which led him to depression and severe anxiety. His sister mentioned that her brother was doing well at managing this tinnitus for some period, but with the more pronounced depression which was linked to his tinnitus suffering,  he eventually took his own life.

Another incident years back tells of an elderly gentleman who was suffering from tinnitus and attended a meeting where other tinnitus sufferers would share and discuss their challenges. He met a lady here who could not bear noises in her head and would call him up daily asking about how to commit suicide. She also took her life. She left behind her two young children.

“Nobody can understand it , but Me…”

This is the truth. Nobody can understand the distress more than those who are actually going through it. I know, I am living it and I can tell you it is not easy. My answer to the question, is tinnitus dangerous? Yes it can be, as mentioned above. However, it does not have to be. I would like to offer you some hope, some light and maybe put a smile on your face even if its a small one……its still something.

Deaf in my Right Ear

I had mentioned before in an earlier post that I am completely deaf in the right ear. So I have to depend entirely on the left ear for the rest of my life.

What got turned around upside down in my life?

Now added to this scenario, I get tinnitus which makes life a whole lot more challenging.

My Work

My profession being a pharmacist demands constant verbal communication both with peers and customers alike. I had to strain my ear over those dreaded and persistent noises in order to hear my patients.

Can you imagine the anxiety I was going through, as I am dealing with medication and dispensing the incorrect tablet is certainly not an option. So, its vital that I hear everything 100%.


Since I was a kid , I always loved watching movies. Going to the cinema is what I would die for. I am proud to say that I am a movie buff. I can probably tell you the director , executive producer and producer of not only the movie you’re watching, but of another movie or two that they were previously involved in.

Now the picture is different.

I can’t remember the last time I was in a movie-house.At home, I bury myself into reading and spending lots of time on the Internet.

Maybe this part is a good thing, because ironically I used this time to start up a website to teach and help people with tinnitus.Guess what, this is that very same site.(By the way, if you are interested in building your own website visit this link,, it’s free to start up)


I love braais( barbecues), parties and games night.Just getting together with family really made me happy.Not to say, that I don’t do theses kind of things anymore, but I don’t do them as often as before.

Even when I do go out, I withdraw from circles of 3 or more people.I tend to have one or two people at the most to keep up with the thread in the conversation.

Musicis tinnitus dangerous

I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and love to listen as well as dance to his music. Not being able to clearly identify the beats and different instruments, made me switch the radio off.

To Summarize tinnitus, has affected my life in these ways

  • It was hard to do my work,
  • Stayed away from Movies and stopped listening to Music
  • Cringe at, and avoid attending family functions or other social events, as some individuals do not have the compassion to even try to understand my position. 

As you can see, it has affected me to a point of feeling despondent, sad and depressed.

My Message To you :   Help is here…..We are in this Together.

I was calling out for help and people were there to answer. It may be possible that your tinnitus is more severe than mine, but the fact is that we are both suffering from it. I remember the understanding and patience my colleagues gave to me and that in turn gave me the confidence to carry on and not give up.

Some of my immediate family who were worried sick about me, done whatever was in their power to make things easier. They accompanied me from one ENT to the next, and to various audiologists as well.


The main point here is to get us talking. I always feel better if I can share with people the way I am feeling and the thoughts that are going through my mind. I feel it makes things lighter when the problem is shared. Most importantly I don’t feel alone. This is what I offer to tinnitus dangerous

To use this space and talk and share with us the thoughts and feelings about your tinnitus , about your struggles. What is working for you what is not working. Let us create this SAFE environment whereby no-one is judged or ridiculed about their tinnitus but rather helped. So that we don’t have to ask, why is tinnitus dangerous, anymore.

If you feel uncomfortable talking in the comment box, then you can drop me an e-mail at and we can chat.

Its about sharing and helping and helping some more.


In conclusion, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.

Thank you for reading my article and take care.  If you know of anyone who will benefit from reading this article, I urge you to kindly share it. You never know, it could make a difference.Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards














  1. Don

    Hi Roopesh,

    I can absolutely agree on your points in the first paragraph. It absolutely depends on the intensity, mental strength and support from loved people.

    The worst case scenario would be suicide because of cancer, but I hope that this number will decrease in future.

    What can you do to avoid tinnitus or if you already have it what can you do to get rid of it?


    • Roopesh

      Hi Don

      Thank you very much for your input.

      I too would like to see the numbers come down in the near future.I think depending on where you are at with your tinnitus, will then determine the direction to follow to treat it.

      For instance, some people don’t find it a bother, and may not pursue treatment any further. Other people like myself, incorporate different modalities such as meditation, relaxation techniques, hiking and acupuncture to name a few in the treatment regime.

      For me these things control the stress levels and thereby minimizes the intensity of tinnitus.Watching the salt intake and alcohol consumption also helps to lower the loudness of the ringing or whistling noises of the tinnitus.I think just focusing on everything else but the tinnitus is certainly a right direction of handling it

      Hope this answers your question.

      Kind Regards and Take Care


  2. Stefan

    Hi Roopesh

    since I’m specialized in Best Natural Stress Relief, reading your post about the dangers of tinnitus was very enlightning to me! I agree with your statement, that an open and empathic discourse is essential.

    I bet, your site will be of great help for all concerned. New to me was the notion that the severity of tinnitus is directly related to emotions, the so called psychological side. This opens new perspectives in dealing with it. Because in any circumstance you can change your attitude.

    You may find benefit studying my site HeartBasedPower, especially the post on “MIND OVER MATTER TRICKS – Secret Power of the Heart”.

    Take care, Stefan

  3. Brandon

    I had no idea that tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) affects nearly 2 million people. I know this can be a huge annoying problem. A feeling of not knowing what to do. I can imagine what the people that have it actually go through in everyday life. Is this constant? Does it actually stop for a bit? It can lead to depression I see why. Having to deal with this I know I would become pretty moody.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Brandon

      Thank You for your comment.

      The frequency and intensity of tinnitus varies from person to person. I have the ringing constantly and its especially more louder when I am in quieter environments. I am sure that fellow tinnitus sufferers out there would agree with me on this one.

      Once again, for tinnitus to stop will depend on a lot of factors, like our stress levels, the food we eat and our current mental state. We can help decrease the tinnitus by watching for instance, the salt content in our food, or doing regular exercise like yoga or Tai Chi.

      This is also a case of what works for you may not work for me.

      Hope this answers your questions.

      If you would like to know more about tinnitus, please feel free to let me know.

      Kind Regards


  4. Sir i hv the problm …. suffer 2 or 3 year …… so i can fell and face it …… i can’t sleep nd my health goona be on a lower positation. …

    • I am sorry to hear. Please check out this site perhaps there may be couple of things that can help you out.

      Will be praying for you.

  5. parth

    hi roopesh,
    i am also a pharmacist and i have a question for u…i heard tinnitus 3-4 times in last week…sudden ringing noise of moderate intensity for about 5-6 seconds and then it fades away…is this serious as this never happened before…i must add that i’ve been going out for a few minutes in cold (canada) and my nose is blocked in winter time…

    • Hey Parth
      Its lovely to meet a fellow colleague. I have visited Canada(was in Edmonton) in the winter and I can tell you that the cold there is no joke.
      To ask your question, since you mentioned that it fades away and is not present all the time, I personally do not think that it is serious.

      It could be the cold starting something up. Its really hard to say at this point, what is the main cause. Have you had sinus problems or cold or flu symptoms recently?

      Take Care of Yourself

  6. Imee

    Hi I think I had tinnitus because the symptoms are almost the same..but mine after clogged ears I have vertigo after..and it takes even a few hours or even a day before it’s gone and it’s really frustrating because it’s been more than a month..I can’t work..I can’t go to any occasions lately because a fear of having dizzy again and worst I cancelled one of my domestic travel because of this..I ve been in a very stressful situation lately before it occurs I really wanted someone to talk to or even help me psychologically..thank you and hoping for your prompt response regarding this matter..

    • Hi Imee
      You are welcome to share how you feel here. I want to reassure you, that you are not over-exaggerating or going crazy. I and I am sure many others, can relate to what you are going through.

      It can impact on one’s lifestyle and when it does, it is important to speak to somebody.

      From experience, I know that the more stressed out I get, the louder and more irritating my tinnitus gets. Having said that, I know that it may be hard, but try to take it easy. You mentioned that you going through a stressful situation and that can cause havoc.

      As for the dizziness part, do you also get nausea and disorientated at times?

      If it’s just dizziness, then perhaps get a doctor to prescribe some tablets for it.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. M Morgan

    Thank you so much, i found this article really interesting and may have answered many question’s for me. I have just had it confirmed that I suffer from tinnitus, although I have always suspected it for some years. So, I was wondering if acupuncture or similar could possibly help? I ask this because I have a very good friend who is heavily involved in all types of ‘body piercing’, for cosmetic and improved health reason’s. Also, it never occured to me that tinnitus could be the underlying cause for a sudden and gradual increase in this depression! Which I now take various antidepressants that don’t really help! Thank you so much for your time. I feel much less alone.

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