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A very warm welcome to you.DEal with Tinnitus

My name is Roopesh Govind. I am a pharmacist and I have chosen to work in the retail sector of my field as opposed to the industrial or hospital environment.I have been doing this for just over 12 years on and I love it. I enjoy chatting to people and listening to their situations.To me, finding out a solution and offering advice that makes the patient or customer feel satisfied, is both an enriching and rewarding experience. I feel to reach out and help one another is the way things should be and if I can play my role using my knowledge, to accomplish this, then this is certainly my way forward.

Things however, do not not always flow smoothly. I am totally deaf in my right ear, this is from birth-I believe I suffered from a meningitis infection.So basically, I rely solely on the left ear for my day to day communication with the world. Things really started taking a tumble around 2years back when, I would wake up hearing howling, ringing noises in my ear and I even struggled to hear my wife’s morning greeting. I still had to face the customers…….gosh……….what is going on……what’s happening to me……….The nightmare of noises had begun for me …..

How can this happen…….how am I now able to do my work…..if I can barely hear anything………my tinnitus is here…….to bother me…

So moving forward my struggles have begun and the journey was far from over.The whistling, howling, roaring, flatline noises…….all of these presented themselves constantly and made my life tough, really tough. I am also an avid movie fanatic and I love my music. And now……I run away from the TV.The tinnitus had forced me to withdraw from crowds and I have literally become more to myself.

Its so ironic in a sense that this tinnitus had made me more of an introvert and spend more time on the internet.But if it was not for that, I would not be able to find a place like Wealthy Affiliate (here is the link, http://bit.ly/1NeWDxd, if you are interested in building your own site) that would teach me to create this website .This brings me to the reason for creating this website.

I realized that during this time, there were customers that walked into the pharmacy with complaints characteristic of tinnitus and I found myself offering them solutions based on my experience on how to deal with tinnitus.I had found certain medications, excercises, lifestyle modifications, music therapy to name a few that is helpful to me and I think would help them too.

So this site follows my take on the tinnitus and I know if you are reading this you definitely want some answers.I hope the information here will serve some purpose to you in making dealing with tinnitus a little more manageable and get you closer of living life more comfortable.

With the kindest of regards and best wishes.