Caffeine and Tinnitus: Part 2(The Results)

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Welcome to part 2 of our discussion on the relationship between caffeine and tinnitus.Caffeine and Tinnitus If you refer to my previous post entitled “Does caffeine make your tinnitus worse?’ you will find that I concluded off by mentioning that it is debatable on whether caffeine intake is an aggravator for tinnitus or not.

To summarise

As I mentioned in that article, there was some research done that showed that caffeine did not really aggravate the tinnitus. I made reference to two isolated research studies that took place.

The first study required for two sets of participants to drink a certain amount of coffee per day.

The second study requires for participants to alternate between decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee on a daily basis.

Both studies took place over a period of 30days.

The results

Both studies concluded that either there was a reduction in likelihood of developing tinnitus or that was no increase in the severity of the tinnitus.

My Experiment

I undertook a challenge starting from the 23rd September 2015. I committed  myself to the task of consuming at least one cup of caffeinated coffee daily for a period of one month. So, on the 23rd October  my experiment would  have come to an end.

I apologise to you that I am publishing these results a little late. There were some unforeseen circumstances that cropped up and demanded my attention. Nevertheless, I am sure many of you are curious to know what had transpired.

Here are my findings.

Prior to starting off the experiment my tinnitus had its traditional noises. These included the 3-5different types of noises that were going through my head at any given time.

I drank a minimum of one cup of coffee a day.

I only drank more than one cup on 3days within this 30day term(and on each of those 3days, it was a maximum of 2cups of caffeinated coffee).

So, what happened to my tinnitus?

Believe or not? My tinnitus DID NOT get worse. Yes, you read correct. There was no significant increase in my tinnitus.

The different types of noises were still there but amazingly enough there was a slight drop in the intensity. Surprised, yeap I was too.

So what are my results telling me about the relationship between caffeine and tinnitus?

  • It tells me that caffeine had no marked effect on my existing tinnitus.
  • It may have a small part to play in reducing the intensity but neither did it take away or reduce it completely.
  • It is possible that things may be different over a longer period of time.
  • If I had to take coffee for another month perhaps, then the tinnitus may  have reduced more. It really is hard to tell what would happen.


The one thing that is certain is that the results of my experiment is coherent with that of the other two studies that I had mentioned above. All three studies showed no increase or worsening in tinnitus symptoms from caffeine intake after a period of 30days.

Did anyone of you try this experiment? Do you have anything to share? Have you found coffee to be a benefit or not to your tinnitus?

Please share any views or input that you may have below. It’s always fantastic to hear from you.

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  1. My husband suffers from tinnitus and the noise varies every single day, he describes the loudness as ten, five or even fifteen whistling kettles. I think dancing is a good distraction, I will encourage him to read this.
    I heard sometime ago that their is an appliance that can be inserted in the ear( like a small radio) then it plays pleasant sounds that distract the ringing in the ear. Have you ever heard of this?


    • Hi Jenny
      I am sorry to hear about your husband’s tinnitus. I can relate fully to what he is going through and it is really not a nice thing at times.

      Please do let him have a look at the rest of this site. Apart from the dancing, there is so much more to read and do, like yoga or acupuncture that can make his tinnitus more manageable.

      I am familiar with hearing aids that acts as maskers which lessens the tinnitus. Is this what you are referring to?

      Nonetheless, tinnitus is something that is close to my heart and I constantly do research on this subject matter. Should I come across anything else, you will be the first to know.

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