Everything about the ear

Ear Matters

There is a lot of information when it comes to talking about everything about the ear.In this section I will try to cover as much information as I can related to this subject. Everything about the Ear

Various topics about the ear will be discussed starting off with an introduction of the ear itself.Thereafter, we discuss the mechanics of what goes on when we hear sound.

From the initial point of entry of the sound waves, you will learn how sound travels through the various parts of the ear and the functions that they serve of receiving, transmitting and finally interpreting the sound, so that we can hear.

Taking Care of the Ear

Is it good to use ear-plugs or not? When should you not insert ear drops? Are wax removal ear drops really effective? How will I know if I have a perforated ear-drum? Are there specific ear-plugs that I can use to protect against loud noises?

These are just some of the topics that I will touch upon,when it comes to taking care of the ear. After all, you have only one set of ears and for them to serve you well during your lifetime, there should be no compromise when it comes to protecting and caring for them.

Ear Diseases and How to Treat it

Colds, flu, virus, sinus and bacterial infection are responsible for not just upper respiratory, nasal and throat infections. They can cause ear infections too.Or the ears can get partly affected as a result of one of these infections.Everthing about the Ear

For instance,in this section on everything about the ear, I have dedicated a post on a disease called Meniere’s Disease. After a series of tests that I had to undergo, an E.N.T( ear ,nose and throat) specialist diagnosed me with having this disease. It is what he believes is responsible for causing the fluctuation in my hearing levels. One of the symptoms of this disease is Tinnitus.

Hearing Loss and You

Depending on the intensity of hearing loss suffered, it can certainly impact on an individual’s life.Not only his/her life, but his family, social circle and work environment will be affected as well.

Here, I will cover the basics what goes on when you go for a hearing test.Things like pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, and speech audiometry.I will also cover topics such a VNG test, a test used to determine inner ear function and check whether dizziness is as a result of the inner ear or not.

I will teach you how to read an audiology result chart and show you how an audiologist deduces the extent of hearing loss sustained, i.e. whether the person has a mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.

Hearing Aid

The hearing aid is without doubt an essential piece of equipment for anyone suffering from hard of hearing.In addition they serve as great maskers for tinnitus sufferers.Everything about the ear

With the constant changes in technological advances, it’s hard to keep up with the latest in hearing aid products.A lot of factors goes into making a decision when choosing the right hearing aid for you.

Factors to consider include things like the ‘price’ of the hearing aid or do I choose, an ‘in the ear’, or ‘behind the ear’ hearing aid? Should I go for a ‘cross’ or a ‘single’ option? Do I need my hearing aid to be waterproof or not?

I do wear a hearing aid myself. I can tell you that it takes time getting adjusting to. I have researched the options carefully before going ahead with the purchase and will share with you what I learnt when it comes to choosing a hearing that is suitable for you.

How to Deal With Tinnitus

I have developed this site with one primary goal.To help people out there who are suffering from tinnitus.I personally am suffering with this, and know what it feels like to have it.

I talked about various ways of dealing with tinnitus. A lot of them I use myself and find that it works.Things like Yoga. Acupuncture, Dancing and Meditation, to name a few.

The MOST important thing that I offer here is my support.Support and help to anyone who wants to talk, or just share their story of their battle with tinnitus.

Having said that,this section of ‘ everything about the ear,’ will take time to develop.I will certainly post as time goes by, so please do stop by from time to time.

This also goes without saying, that should you want to ask or discuss something that I not written about as yet, please feel free to contact me and I will try to help you in anyway that I can.

Thanks for reading this page and I do hope that you enjoy your stay at this site.

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