Latest Tinnitus News Part 5: Brain Redirection Pathway

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Thanks for joining me today for another edition to our series of the latest tinnitus news. This issue will discuss the pathways of the brain that is used in tinnitus sufferers. Latest Tinnitus News Part 5

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The story on Tinnitus

Tinnitus, is a ringing, buzzing, whistling or roaring noises in the ear. It affects up 10-15% of the population and ranges in intensity from one person to the next.

So,for instance in my case, I have tinnitus in my left ear only. I am completely deaf in the right ear. I hear this constant roaring and “wind blowing or wind whistling noises.” At times the roaring is more pronounced and the whistling is down to a bare minimum.

These noises are constant, and it certainly makes it hard to communicate with people and enjoy conversations, without having to struggle.

Having said that, it needs a mention, that this brings about a plethora of emotions from anxiety, depression and frustration to the tinnitus sufferer. Though others cannot hear these noises, let me assure you that they are indeed “REAL,” and bothersome.

So, what actually causes Tinnitus?

It would be lovely to say that there is only one cause for tinnitus, but sadly, this is far from the truth. There are a number of causes for tinnitus.

Some are mentioned below and they really do not complete the list of causes.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?Cure for tinnitus

After having read some of the articles above, you will find that there are various developments around Tinnitus, as new technological advancements become available. There is no ‘cure’ at the moment for Tinnitus, but there is a host of treatment options and therapies that one can try.

I personally feel, one should look at their circumstances and see what works for them. I had to go through almost 3years of trial and error and chopping and changing, till I found certain things to give me some relief from Tinnitus.I just stick to them and become aware of what prevents ‘flare-ups.’ Stress, as I am sure you know is a big culprit. It may be easier said than done, but try to get this one under control.

This brings me to discussing the latest developments surrounding tinnitus.

So, what is todays Latest tinnitus news all about?

The Brain!!

As you may already know there is a definite correlation between inner workings of the brain and tinnitus.

Tinnitus is the brain’s perceptions of noises. This perception is because of ‘damage’ or ‘misfiring,’ as a result of the brain being subjected to one of the insults that I have listed above.

Ok, we know this!!!So tell us something new…

Okay, without further delay, here is the news.

Research released by the University of Illinois, showed that people who are able to cope with Tinnitus, were actually utilizing a pathway within the brain, that is different to the people that are more bothered by the ringing noises in their ears.

The results of this study was based upon using MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), an imaging technique that allows one to see the changes in the oxygen levels of the brain.

Whilst the Amygdala, is the typical part of the brain that processes the emotion, the area that the studies revealed more activity taking place was the Frontal Lobe.Latest Tinnitus News Part 5

This is actually an area of the brain that is critical for attention, planning and impulse control.

Frontal Lobe2

Going Forward

Different regions of the brain were used to process the emotional information in the people that coped better with tinnitus.

The research suggested that the greater activation of the frontal lobe might be helping to control emotional responses and reduce tinnitus anxiety and distress.

So, to me this means that our scientists can focus on developing drugs or therapies that can focus on working, or activating or even assisting this area of the brain in tinnitus sufferers.Sort of redirecting the pathways in people who have difficulty in coping with tinnitus. Hence providing relief from anxiety associated with the condition.

Did you know?

That ‘Tai-Chi’ can help as stress reliever and is effective as a relaxation therapy for tinnitus sufferers.

⇒Check out



As more and more developments take place around tinnitus, it is reassuring for us to know that there is hope.

Hope that something can and will be done to help us. One thing is for certain, that in the meantime, there is support and help.

That is the ultimate goal of this website. To offer you advice, options and support as you find ways to deal with tinnitus.

Thanks for reading my thread on the latest tinnitus news. Should you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know by using the comments box below or you can hop over to my Contact me page.

All the best to you and remember to always keep going forward.














  1. Wow, I never knew what this was called exactly. I have experienced mild cases of this but nothing serious. I hope it doesn’t develop into something like this. Thanks for the information! I will be sure to take better care of my ears.

    • Hi Steven
      Glad to hear that your case is not so serious.

      The thing with tinnitus is, that it can happen anytime and unexpectedly. Yes, there are various causes of tinnitus and if you are aware of them, then you can prevent it from happening.

      Glad you found the article useful.
      Please do stop by again.


  2. Austin

    Wow I never knew what this was actually called. Tinnitus huh!!! I know a couple people that have this, fortunately I don’t. Article gives very detailed information about it and the brain. Very good informative article on it. I like how you have links to your other articles also. Sad how there is no cure for it too!

    • Roopesh

      Hey Austin

      Glad to hear that you do not have the big T.

      Glad you found the article informative and good to read.

      Yes, it is sad that there is no cure at the moment. I will not despair though as lots can be done to help us tinnitus sufferers.

      We just have to each find what makes it worse and try to control it or keep it at bay.



  3. Michelle

    Hi Roopesh

    I have to confess I knew nothing of the condition tinnitus, until I read your post. It is wonderful that you have created a vehicle for everyone to share and comment. Likewise that you have an educational portal for your readers to understand.

    You have written a well throughout post that is very detailed and highly informative. I have bookmarked your site to learn more.

    Kind Regards


    • Roopesh

      Hi Michelle

      Glad to have given some insight on tinnitus.

      Thanks for bookmarking this site and please feel free to ask me anything that may be on your mind anytime.

      With the Kindest of Regards


  4. Alyssa

    I had no idea that stress could cause tinnitus flare ups. Go figure. The roles the brain plays is very interesting. It makes me wonder if people could treat tinnitus through a combination of methods including cognitive therapy or behavioral therapy to develop that area of their frontal lobe that helps others deal naturally with tinnitus? Kind of like going to the gym and lifting weights to strengthen your muscle and joints…My father suffers from a whoosghing in the ears (sounds like a train engine). I wonder if that is tinnitus?
    Thanks for the awesome article.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Alyssa

      Yes, stress if not properly managed can be responsible for a lot of things and tinnitus is one of them.

      I think with tinnitus the therapy is slightly more challenging. But who knows, with the advancement in medical breakthroughs, there is no telling what scientists can come up with to treat tinnitus.

      It sounds to me like your dad does have tinnitus. There is certainly a variety of noises that one may hear if they have tinnitus ranging from ringing, whistling or even roaring noises.

      Are these noises bothering him to a huge extent?

      Thanks for stopping by


  5. I have been a patient of tinnitus ringing ears
    since 5 years. I had tried a lot of anti viral meds
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    • Hi Suzan
      Thanks so much for this. I am glad to hear that you got relief from the tinnitus. That is truly good news. I am one is for natural or herbal therapies and this is certainly something that one should look at it.
      Everything of the best to you.

  6. Julius

    Hello Roopesh,

    English is my second language, so I actually had to use Google translator in order to know what tinnitus actually is lol.

    You’ve chosen a very relevant niche since a lot of people are suffering from it. This article explains all things very well. I believe that sooner or later we will be able to cure it.

    Thank you for your effort!

    • Roopesh

      Hello Julius

      I guess over time, you will start getting more used to the English language, I heard that the translator is actually a wonderful tool!

      Only time will be able to tell whether a cure or not will pop up for tinnitus. Until that day, we got to implement lifestyle modifications and dietary changes.

      All the best to you.


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