What is the Tinnitus Terminator?

What is the Tinnitus Terminator

Hello  Everyone Welcome to my review of the Tinnitus Terminator? What is the Tinnitus Terminator? Is it a scam or not? As a tinnitus sufferer, I am sure that many of you will agree that there are tons of products floating around the internet, with the intention of helping the ringing in our ears. In fact, there is … [Read more…]

Some Famous people with Tinnitus

Famous People with tinnitus

Hello Everyone Today I thought I’d make one of my entries onto this site a little bit different. I choose to talk about some celebrities or famous people with tinnitus. I would like to think that in some way or the other we are influenced, impacted or inspired by popular names either in history or in the entertainment … [Read more…]

How to use a Neti pot?

How to use a neti pot

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog post of the neti pot review. Today I will be discussing the basics of how to use a neti pot. Initially, it may be seem scary and intimidating, but once you start getting the hang of it, it becomes easy as pie. This post will cover others topics as well. I will … [Read more…]

Can sinus infection cause tinnitus?

Can sinus infection cause tinnitus

Hello All I often get asked by folks that visit me in the pharmacy, whether it is possible for someone to get tinnitus(ringing in the ears) as a result of a sinus infection. I think before I answer this question, allow me to explain to you a little about our sinuses. What exactly is the sinuses? … [Read more…]

Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Tinnitus

Vagus nerve stimulation and tinnitus

Welcome all. Today we will talk about some new progress that has taken place to help with tinnitus management. This article is about neurostimulation, more particularly the stimulation of the vagus nerve. I have come across information on research that involves vagus nerve stimulation and tinnitus and would love to share it with you today. It looks promising and gives more hope to … [Read more…]

Does Meditation and Tinnitus go hand in hand?

Meditation and Tinnitus

Introduction To Meditation Thank you for joining me today on the discussion between meditation and tinnitus. Does meditation actually help with tinnitus? Today we will find out more on this interesting topic. We all at some point in our lives have seen people sitting in lotus poses doing meditation. Their eyes are closed with relaxed breathing, some … [Read more…]

Potential new drug treatment for Tinnitus

New drug treatment for tinnitus

Hello Everyone Today we will discuss a new drug treatment for tinnitus. These drugs have the potential of helping tinnitus sufferers by working on a pathway that is said to be “malfunctioning” with the brain. What is of further interest is that this drug is said to be effective in people suffering from epilepsy as well. Tinnitus and … [Read more…]