What is the Tinnitus Terminator?

Hello  Everyone

Welcome to my review of the Tinnitus Terminator? What is the Tinnitus Terminator? Is it a scam or not?What is the Tinnitus Terminator

As a tinnitus sufferer, I am sure that many of you will agree that there are tons of products floating around the internet, with the intention of helping the ringing in our ears.

In fact, there is just about everything, from You tube videos, podcasts, and blogs swamping with products that offer solutions to your never ending Tinnitus.

The truth of the matter is that we know exactly what tinnitus feels like and therefore we will do anything and everything to get ‘rid’ of it. This includes the spending of fortunes on e-books, therapies, cds, vitamins etc.

Now I am not saying that they these don’t work. Of course some of them do. The question is, which one?

There is a Limit

Buying these products or services is absolutely fine. There is no harm in trying them. For me personally there is a limit, a point where I draw the line when it comes to buying any more Tinnitus Products.

Over the past two years, I have tried various products, some that have worked and still works whilst some have done nothing at all.

I have found lifestyle or dietary modifications and certain relaxation therapies beneficial to easing  down the tinnitus. And a lot of them you can find here on this website.

Where I get worried is when a products carries words like, promises to “cure” your tinnitus. This is my cut-off. This is where I become super sceptical and start doing my research before I even decide to spend a penny more.

This is what prompted me to do a review of “Tinnitus Terminator.” It promises a cure for your tinnitus.

So, lets get started right away with the review of “Tinnitus Terminator.”

What is the Tinnitus Terminator?

It is an audio program that is based on neuromonics.

This simply means that is the process of playing sound recordings on a consistent basis to act on the brain. The primary purpose of which in the case of tinnitus is to desensitize the brain to the ringing, buzzing or roaring noises.

Who is Timothy Seaton?

Naturally, I wanted to find out exactly who is Timothy Seaton. To my surprise, I came across two sites with two differenet pictures of Mr Seaton both of them were advertising Tinnitus Terminator. So this just got me thinking now, who do I trust?

What is the Tinnitus Terminator

What is the Tinnitus Terminator


Furthermore, with some more research, I found out that one these pictures is actually that of a person by the name of Todd Bradley.   So is he using a pseudonym and why?

This was strange, to make it even more strange the one site was retailing the product for $47.00, and the other one was for $67.00. They both however offered a 60 Day Money Back GURANTEE.What is the Tinnitus Terminator?What is the Tinnitus Terminator








He is apparently the brain child of the Tinnitus Terminator. He claims to have developed this product based upon two research studies that he was reading up about on the internet.

The first one , was a study that involved tinnitus sufferers listening to audio tracks via the computer, that improved the speech, memory and control of sound. This study was conducted at the WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY of Medicine in St. Louis.

The second study was conducted at the UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, and was based on neuromonics.

So his system basically combined these workings, using sound therapy recordings and cognitive behavioural instruction to get rid of tinnitus.

Here are his claims to this product

  • Over 43 000 people have received dramatic results with Tinnitus Terminator,
  • His sales page states that this product is valued at $197, but he will not even sell it for as low as $97 but drop it to an all time low of $47.00, with a 60 day Money Back Guratnee.
  • His system works for anyone, regardless of age and their severity of Tinnitus
  • By listening to his recordings for 15minutes twice a week, he is confident that tinnitus terminator will get rid of the tinnitus permanently in 30days or less.
  • No hearing aids, medications or surgery will ever be needed

What is the Terminator Tinnitus package all about?

The package promises a PDF BOOK with 17 audio Files.

Are previous customers happy with their purchase?

In all fairness, I feel the need to mention that on his sales page, there was 3 POSITIVE  testimonials. One from a sound engineer, a concert promoter and the last one from a Music Videographer. If you like, you are more than welcome to check it out.

On the other hand, I researched customers who were equally unhappy with this product. These were some of the common complaints

  • “Product is no good.”
  • “No response or feedback from supplier.” ” No Luck with getting any refund.”
  • “E-mailed company with no-reply”
  • “17 Audio Files, once you download them. Zero files have been downloaded.”
  • “No way of contacting them.”

My Take on Tinnitus Terminator

Name of Product : Tinnitus TerminatorWhat is the Tinnitus Terminator

Author: Timothy Seaton

Price : $47.00 or $67.00

My Rating: 1 out 5 Stars

Neuromonics is a great concept with effectiveness showing over 1oyears.

I believe that for professional neumonics to be effective, a holistic approach must be taken. Its not about just sitting and listening to sounds. The interaction from an audiologist helps to guide the person through a program and adjust the sound levels accordingly.In some cases, the process may take longer than just 15minutes, and go up to an hour or longer!!

As evident from above, this is certainly not the case with Tinnitus Terminator.

I personally would not support this product based on these few things

  • Not sure who I really am buying from,
  • Don’t have confidence in customer service.

I have talked about things like exercises and relaxation techniques that can help to reduce the intensity of the tinnitus. They may not be curative, but they can certainly help.

I do not believe that one product will help for everyone with tinnitus. Yes, there are some new adavancements in tinnitus treatments, but nothing to be a definite cure. Having said that, I do not think the Tinnitus Terminator is a cure as Mr Seaton had claimed it to be .

Don’t stress if there is no cure as yet. Be Positive. Have a read through on my article, “Is there a cure for Tinnitus, if not, is it the end of the world?”


So, what is the tinnitus terminator? You now have a better idea of this product and what it is all about.

Have you tried it? Or do you know of anyone that did?

I would love to hear from you.

If you have found this article helpful, please do share it with family or friends who may find benefit from it.

Thanks you spending your time here.

Until next time, Take care and God Bless.











  1. Dave

    Hi Roopesh,
    This is something I think I would feel very uncomfortable about buying. The fact that he seems to have 2 identities just screams dishonesty, and in my opinion this man is trying to operate a big con. In my experience the best resources can all be found for free online and you shouldn’t be drawn into scams.

    • Roopesh

      Hi there

      My thoughts exactly!

      It’s about reading and researching and see what people findhelps or not.This is why I like to give people options, so that they can make a more informed decision.

      Thanks for your share.



    • I have severe tinnitus and bought tinnitus terminator 2 years ago, after 30 days my loud ringing in my head was severly reduced after another 30 days it was reduced to almost no noise at all this is an amazing product..

    • Hi Adriaan
      My sincere apologies for the late reply.

      Sorry to hear about your incident with the Tinnitus Terminator.

      You are not the first person to complain about these guys.
      I will pray and hope that you do get your money back.

      All the best to you and the wife.


        • Hotdoug

          Of course it’s not about the money!! That’s why at least $47 per person only has over $2million but if 43,000 folk were scammed into parting with $197, that would net in excess of $8,000,000.00. That would put too many off the scam. Call me sceptical but they seem like actors and my tinnitus doesn’t control my wallet or my mind that much (yet). These links should be banned.

  2. Alyssa Ruiz

    I have thought about Neuromonics for a while. I have a clinic near by that offers this service. Very pricy I must say($5000). I’m still not sure if this is something I’d like to try since I can’t stand having anything near my ears and I wanted to give Tinnitus Terminator a try… after 4 weeks the noises aren’t soo buzzy anymore.I still have Tinnitus but im feeling better atm.

    • Hi Alyssa
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, I also researched Neuromonics.It is pretty steep at moment.I am happy to hear that the buzzing noises in your ear had stopped.That must be an amazing feeling.
      Glad to hear that you are doing better.

      Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

  3. George

    A lot of people say the system didn’t work for them but they’re unable to get ahold of the company to obtain a refund per the guarantee. Unresponsive to e-mail and no phone number for the company available.

    So here’s what you *should* do if you’re considering this:
    – Order on a credit card. If you don’t want to give them your real CC number, many CC’s offer ability to generate a one-time-use CC number that “points” at your actual CC.
    – Save ALL paperwork. Screen-print web pages with guarantee and any web pages while ordering (paper’s cheap).
    – Try the system. Keep a diary of your efforts and/or use the provided diary sheets.
    – If it doesn’t work for you, attempt to contact the seller. Try several times and document your attempts.
    – If no response, FILE A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR CREDIT-CARD COMPANY. Simple form you fill out. Describe succinctly your use of product, result (unsuccessful), terms of the guarantee, and your efforts to contact for refund. Include copies of your documents – guarantee or screen shots from web site, e-mail’s, etc.
    – Your credit-card company WILL take your side and refund your money. They will get it back from the seller.

    If everyone did this, scammers would not find it profitable to prey upon people.

  4. Kevin

    Good work Rupesh. I don’t have tinnitus, just enough curiosity to click on an ad dressed up as “groundbreaking” news.Anyone who thinks he needs to talk for seven minutes to convince people that there’s value in what he’s selling is almost surely selling something of no value.
    Glad there’s people like you who are willing to put the time into checking these claims and to publicise them

    • Hey Kevin
      You are most welcome. I feel that people should have the right to see both sides of the coin before they make a decision. I personally have been a victim to scams and wish for others not to go through it as well.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Romola Hopman

    I nearly clicked add to cart..then googled Timothy Seaton, still not sure. found link to your site. Thanks for all the comments. I’ll suffer a while longer….

  6. Corey

    Hey there, I’ve been suffering from tinnitus for a very very long time probably at least 25 years or better some days it’s so unbearable I watched this dudes video and it all sounds too good to be true then I started researching all this and saw all the negative statements about the product. Geesh what’s a person got to do to find some relief lol? But thanks for all the info and research definitely something to keep in mind before hitting the buy it now button. Thanks again, Corey

    • Hi Corey
      You are most welcome!Its sad, that this is how people operate, to prey upon those that are in need of help and deliver empty promises. I hear you, I have been suffering for 3 years now, not as long as you. I can really imagine the frustration.
      If its helps, I must say I admire your strength.
      Take Care

      • Tom S.

        That you Roopesh! – for a very honest review of the problems associated with this product.
        I would rather wait a while, and see it fully embraced, before trusting a product that has so many negative comments.
        Not many people have trust in this product, and they have even less trust in the man offering it.

        • Hello Tom
          You are most welcome. Glad that it helped you.
          When it comes to tinnitus, I believe what works for you may not help me. Its a question of trial and error.
          Good luck with everything

      • Ron Bloomfield

        Hi,Ron from australia,i saw this item and watched the whole video and generally getting excited,and then start to think,this can’t be real. My tinnitis is on a level of 10,to the point its 24/7 of noise,ringing,high and low pitches……the list goes on,i am nearly tempted to buy,but hopefully someone out there may have the copy and want to let me try it……even to pay a small sum to borrow and try…hankyou for ll your info….Ron

  7. Chef Terry

    Like some others have said, I was tempted to hit that “Buy Now” button. The main reason I was stalling about doing so was the feeling this jerk had wasted so much of time in his video before ever getting to what the Amazing Offer was. When he started the hard sell, “Buy it before we lose the ability to save you thousands… If the threatened lawsuit becomes reality we will be forced to take down this website.. This could happen at any time so you must buy it NOW…” I googled his name + reviews. Boy am I glad I did. I have been scammed in the past with those claims of ‘money-back-guarantee’ only to find I would never see a dime of my money returned. Thank you for being YOU.

    • Hello Chef
      You are most welcome. Glad that I could help you out.

      This is a common tactic that is used, whereby they work on one’s emotion to add a tone of ” urgency” for them to buy before its too late. I understand what tinnitus is and I am suffering from it. I know we all want a quick fix, and when someone comes along offering you the “cure,” its only natural to want it.

      The big question, is “are they the real deal?”

      Take Care

      • ReginaQ

        I’m 65, and I would have been easily “convinced” that this might be a breakthrough, until the “You need to act now, before…. .”
        If it’s a legitimate product, sold in an honest way, they won’t put the “squeeze” on you.

  8. bryan schnathorst

    thanx for the input peeps l was really thinking about giving this a try need to look for some other relief this dont sound to promising

  9. Gary Wall

    I am a disabled vet with very bad tinnitus. Too many jet engines. Also 33 year Space Shuttle Launch Pad Technician. I love all kinds of music and even play guitar. I suffer terrible depression and anxiety. The VA gave me hearing aids. and I can barely wear them. I would do almost anything to get rid of this. This guy ought to be strung up by his ears and run out off town. I will continue more research for some relief. Thank You for your info. Take Care!!!!!!

  10. Pam Buckshon

    Roopesh you are a true public servant. One day I hope to be able to provide an honest service to the public as you have done here.
    I’ve come in search of a treatment to reduce the ringing, not add to my stress and pain!
    Thank you sir!

    • Hello Pam
      Thanks for those lovely words.I really appreciate. I believe that there is a time and place and it will come when you get to do something as well.

      Glad that this article had helped you.
      I know tinnitus is not easy to deal with and I know you must have heard it plenty of times, but I am going to say it to you, ‘Take it Easy and don’t give it Power.’

      Take Care

  11. Meg

    I bought the tinnitus terminator, I had a good result with one set of their treatments. It lasted almost 24 hours,
    The next set did nothing. I am going to keep trying, because I have had these crickets in my ears for 70 years,
    It is not a cure but any relief is better than none.

  12. John Griffiths

    I purchased the product and have nearly finished the course and although I don’t disagree with what has been said here I did find a few tracks that produced a very low tinnitus result for a day at least but I have had the odd low day before so can’t be sure.
    I detailed the affect of each track and found that there was a track that introduced a pulse that went from the right ear to the left ear. Now I have tinnitus in the left ear ( as many do) and I can only put this reaction down to the right ear hearing the sound correctly first and then when it goes to the left ear the brain already knows what the sound should sound like so that challenges the misfiring of the sound interpretation in the left damaged ear.
    Its only a theory but if rewiring the brain is possible then this may be a mechanism by which it could be achieved. Is it worth it? Well I thought it might be scam but I bought it anyway in the hope that it may at least provide a pointer to move forward . The relaxation breathing techniques coupled with the music (which is largely masking tracks) played at low volumes has reduced my fear of sound . I have some hyperacussis with my tinnitus and sound level is very critical.
    Tinnitus is a very complex disorder and I have found that some diet changes also have helped. I follow a no salt, low salicylate/ low oxalate diet and very little beef meat and since doing that I have been able to work although my T does get worse when emotionally stressed.

    • Hello John
      Thank you so much for sharing with us.
      Glad to hear of your experience with TT.
      I am happy to hear that your fear of sound is now gone and agree totally with the dietary changes that you have followed. Stress, causes my T to go a little crazy as well.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and wish you all the best.

  13. Bryndís Guðjónsdottir

    Thanks for your post! My husband has this problem and has tried alot of different things. The only thing that helps is a hearing aid with a constant high pich during the day and sleeping with an open window at night ( Therefor there is constant sound from traffic, wind, birds etc.)

    • Hello There
      You are most welcome. Since I am permanently deaf in the right ear and the tinnitus(along with some hearing loss) hit me in the left ear, I had no option but to get a hearing aid.
      I can only imagine the change it is not only for your husband, but for you as well. Its true, when there is complete silence the tinnitus is more pronounced and I fully understand the need to have the window open.
      Anyway, the hearing aid really is a lifesaver for me. I have learnt only recently to make peace with it and not to resist the change but the important thing is that it makes my communication slightly more easier.

      I will pray for you guys and hope for all the best.

  14. Ann Gepp

    Thank you for a very honest and thorough review. I expected one of those reviews where you were trying to sell the product at the end, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t.

  15. Janee

    I am usually super on guard about things like this that sound scammy. But after having had dibilitating Tinnitus for 25 years, I’m desperate. So my husband talked me into trying it out, and after a week so far I have noticeable improvement. Stress is down, sleeping better, less anxious and less pain. Today I heard my husband say my name from another room with my headphones on! It might not work for everyone but if this even takes the edge off for me it was worth the purchase. Hope anyone seeking their money back gets it! Scammy companies sometimes sell amazing products, but usually they dont work for everyone.

    • Hi Janee
      This is good to know. I am very happy for you. The important thing is that you are feeling a difference.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • Pragya


      My mom in law has a severe T problem. Can I get your contact info to understand whether this has worked for you and to what extent. I want one good review before I place the order. Please respond …


      • Hello Pragya
        Sorry to hear about your mum. I don’t sell the Tinnitus Terminator nor am I affiliated with them. Sorry that I cannot help you with any good reviews.

  16. Jerry

    WOW, I almost pressed Add to Cart…his Dr. Frankenstein should cut the other fuckin ear off…!!!
    I’ll continue to wait for my Dr. to find me relief.
    Thank you Roopesh,

    • Hi Charles
      I am so sorry that you had purchased the programs. I do not sell the program. I merely reviewed the product on my site. Please contact the folks of the actual product page to discuss the situation.

      I sincerely hope that you come right.

  17. Jen

    I bought it and it does not work. There are some sound treatment on youtube.com free and they work better than Tinnitus Terminator.

  18. Lucas

    Im amazed at how many people suffer from tinnitus. I had a diving problem and after that I thought my life was over. I have tried acupuncture, therapy, and the best solution for me was a very simple one : distraction
    I found that my birds and my dog, friends and whatever would get my attention would deviate me from my tinnitus trauma. At first I used to hear the tinnitus daily and very very loud for two months. Then after I did therapy I learned that I had to deconstruct the neurons that where activating my tinnitus, and so I would eventually ‘forget’ about the noise. I have to be honest it has worked and the more I forget about it the more it disappears, now once a week or a month I remember and listen to it. But I am always researching and this video is definitely a scam, I have seen a same production “buy now or the big companies will shut us down” “cure” “click add to Cart” for a few other diseases, herpes, diabetes etc… Do not trust these people
    Tinnitus is a neurological problem and can only be dealt by tricking your brain. That’s what I learned and I have tried special sounds for relief but my best experience was ‘distraction’
    Find things that get you out of your head and make u forget of everything, that take you out of you tinnitus focus. Focus is the word because the more you focus on something the more it expands, and that’s the problem with tinnitus. So take your focus out of your head, direct it somewhere else, do this constantly, it has helped me tremendously.

    • Hello Lucas
      I am so happy to hear that you are able to deal with your tinnitus. This means that it is a great victory for us against the big ‘T’

      I want the other folks to read your story and hope that you don’t mind if I share with them. We are in this together looking to find a way and if this can help some of you out there, then this blog had served its purpose.

      Thank you very much Lucas
      Take Care

    • Hi everyone,

      I actually found this wonderful site by looking for the Tinnitus Terminator!! I made the mistake of buying this program, then immediately could not get any help from them when the links would not work. . .the paper copy I printed said CD, but I never got anything in the mail, no book, no cd’s and was told to click on the links. I should have called my cc company and gotten it reversed but I wasn’t smart enough to do that. However, now I have all of these comments and suggestions to read!! This condition just about drives me nuts, but mostly when I am trying to sleep, as you all know. Listening to the radio, singing in the choir, anything like that helps!!! OK, I am going to keep reading, and so glad I didn’t resort to trying this silly program.

      • Hi Suzanne

        So sorry to hear about your encounter with the Tinnitus Terminator. I am happy though that you find these comments helpful.

        I know exactly what you mean when you say it drives you nuts.Please look around this site and see if you find anything that may help.

        If you need to know anything, just ask.

        Take Care

  19. Kasper

    Found link to your page , while I was searching for help. My girlfriend suffers from tinnitus due to a failed , simple ear operation. We are now looking for a compensation through our health care system. My question: Do you have any news about how far doctors are in finding a qure ? Or do you have some comments regarding which products / torturials that has helped people ?
    Best ,
    Kasper (Denmark)

    • Hello Kasper and welcome
      I firstly would like to wish you the best of luck in seeking compensation from your health care system.

      At this point in time, there is still no cure for tinnitus. I have heard about a conference that will be taking place during the 6th-8th October in Paris, by practitioners and specialists alike. One of their focal points of discussion will be Tinnitus. There are some new drugs which are been researched that are currently undergoing Phase 3 trials. One drug, in particular, has shown some promise in been injected locally and act directly on the damaged part of the ear. However,I believe this is still in its infancy.

      Personally, for me, lifestyle modification worked out the best for alleviating the tinnitus to some extent. I stay away from foods with sufficiently high salt content. I do regular Yoga and meditation.

      I recently started using aromatherapy oils and found them to work quite well. I am trying to figure out the combination the aromatherapist used and will write a blog for all of you.

      Please check out my other suggestions and therapies on this site. Some may work for you and some may not. You just have to try it out and see which one works.

      Hope this helps.

  20. Thank you Roopesh, for taking the initiative to investigate this predator that scams decent people desperately searching for relief from their noise. Hopefully there will be an effective treatment soon. What do you recommend?

    marty bevilacqua

    • Hi Marty
      It is my pleasure.

      My personal recommendation is try the lifestyle modification route. Try stuffs like watching the salt content in your diet and do exercise. Things like Yoga and Meditation.

      I think there is no one remedy for Tinnitus. We each respond differently to the same treatment. I recently found that Ginkgo is helping me a bit but that may not help you.

      Give some of these things a go and see where it takes you.

      Wish you all the luck and if there is anything that I can help with, do let me know.

  21. DeeAnn Bowater

    My goodness sakes!!! I bought the CD, it arrived two days ago. I will call Visa tomorrow and get it off my bill.
    What a wonderful service you have done for all of us. Thank you. DeeAnn

  22. Melissa

    Thank you for posting this. I wish we could stop people like this from preying on people who suffer from tinnitus. I have tried so many things hoping for a cure or at least some reprieve. The things that work are exactly what you have said. Diet, exercise, meditation and aromatherapy. I also take a supplement that helps some called lipioflavinoid. It is expensive, but does seem to lessen the severity of the noise for me. I won’t promise it will help anyone else, but is worth a try. Available at most pharmacies. I hope one day a cure becomes available. If I ever find one, I will let the world know, and not charge. Sometimes I have to “knock” myself out with medication just to make it one more day, other days are very tolerable and a gift. Please keep this site going. I am grateful I found you.

    • Hi Melissa
      Thanks for so much for that info about the lipoflavonoid. I will do some research on this and perhaps cover an article in the future.
      Thanks for sharing your story on how you deal with tinnitus with us, it is much appreciated and I am sure that the folks reading this will benefit from your words.

      I think that it is extremely noble of you to share the cure with the world. Having said that,I am glad to have you on my side.

      Thanks and Take Care

  23. Maria

    Hi everyone, I came onto the Tinnitus Terminatir site expecting to see what it advertised – some sort of oil or fluid being dropped into the ear.
    Instead I find a scam.
    Anyone can make up all sorts of “medical” information & perport cures are possible when you use “x”.
    Well, as a medical professional myself I always have scepticism.
    A wise colleague once said, “if that product really worked it would already be in mainstream use”. Wise words indeed.
    So, I suggest you don’t waste your money.

    To soften the symptoms of tinnitus an holistic approach is required.
    Music is but one distraction to the “noise”.
    Being more relaxed is important too.
    The more stressed you get over the tinnitus, the worse it gets.
    I also encourage you to see an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist who will make sure there are no underlying problems, & refer you to an Audiologist who will do further studies & help you with your journey to ease the disturbance.
    I wish you a fruitful, stress free journey & know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  24. Brian Morrison

    Thank you for your review. I kind of guessed it was close to being a gimmick. I’m not saying anything bad as it may help someone. Me…? I struggle everyday 24 -7 with ringing in my ears. It’s like a way of life for me. It affects my hearing and sometimes it drives me crazy. I’ve had Tinnitus for 20 years. I did a test and the ringing in my ears is at 8210 Hz. I so wish someone on the technology side could help us with Tinnitus. Let’s keep praying for relief.

  25. Jonathan Jarvis

    Thanks for review and other posters comments.Suffering from tinnitus dome 15 years.Music really helped me…thoughtful kinds of music …particularly very unusual harmonics ie crystal bowls music Tibetan bowls music , even “primordial tones” which is a kind of monochord music.I found these to kind of train the brain to learn to connect to different sound systems in a good way rather than the different bad tinnitus sound.I also think it taught my ear-brain to at least keep up or extend its hearing abilities, so that I still seem to have quality hearing, anyway that is what I feel about that. Getting older more tired does seem to make it more difficult now aged 61.But am exploring more ambient music CV especially recommend eg Thom Brennan Satori and similar which can be found and tried out via YouTube, Tibetan and Buddhist chant……much more helpful than listening to white noise on radio as brain gets an association with a positive factor than a negative of having to listen to white noise.Did sound healing workshops eg James d’angelo changing things plusJo Nathan Goldman has good books/music too. Just some thoughts.

    • Wow. Sir you contributed greatly to our cause. I never tried the music that you mentioned. Will certainly give these a go.
      Thanks once again. I humbly appreciate your contribution.
      Take Care

  26. Jonathan Jarvis

    By the way, prpanolol tablets sem to help sometimes by reducing cortisol adrenalin reactions to stress fight or flight situations, otherwise extremely ametryptylene? Or temazepan sleeping tablet seems to knock out brain a bit but takes for normal self to recover…use only for extremes as is addictive…do not learn to become reliant on these.

    • Hey Jonathan
      Thanks for that information.I am very familiar with the medication that you mentioned. As you mentioned, the Amitryptiline is one to be careful of, because of its addictive potential.

  27. Jonathan Jarvis

    If I could high definition record a DVD of natural soft sounds, especially strong with through pine tree forest, through soft young beech tree leaves, wind over grass, would be good. Maybe these kind of CD’s are out there .I find windy days soothing.Got to keep the soul bright, whether a religion, pet or eg family cos can feel lonesome and depressed, more fully learning cognitive mindfulness will help with this and so mind can step aside and become a neutral observer rather than involved in the sound emotionally.One becomes very wary and anxious about percussive sound especially even road noise and that becomes very stressful and wearisome, so live in a quiet place? Some people become too distresed and cannot cope at all and go into very dark places,very understandable but you have got to fight that and sadly realise life will now be compromised a bit but treasure what you can or make determined efforts to create treasures in life even if it is only 1 hr favourite music or a walk in the garden listening to bird song or sound of caterpillars munching your vegetables. Apparently the brain can learn new ones and learn to make its own new kind of neural connections to survive.

  28. Richard

    I have a severe Tinnitus in both ears, for 37 years and have tried many so-called “cures”, with zero results. The Audiologists that I have seen, all say that there is NO cure for Tinnitus and that Yoga and a few other types of relaxation methods do provide a very minimal amount of relief. I myself have pretty much learned to live with this affliction, but still have to live with the day to day aggravations.

    • Hi Richard
      I really admire you.For having suffered for that long,I think that is an amazing achievement.
      You have done really well.

      I know that some days are better than others and we have to literally deal with the tinnitus.

      Thank you very much for sharing with us.

  29. Bonnn

    People are just so awful to scam and cash in on another sufferings.
    I know what it feels like to want to cut my ears off some days to make it stop and I, like many pple, would do anything to get a bit of relief from the noise some days. How are humans so disgusting to each other.

    • Hi there Bonnita
      Yes, it really is a sad situation and unfortunately these days we have to keep up our guard all the time. It becomes really hard to trust people.
      Thanks for stopping by

  30. Thyra Hyman

    I came to the computer to order Tinnitus Terminator,decided to check out the scam factor first.Thanks.Like many others I will wait and hope for a while more.

  31. Darren Hawkins

    I tried this treatment about 3 years ago – it didn’t[t work and I got my money back – no questions asked

  32. veronica Driscoll

    I purchased the terminator and I used the sound thearpy and it worked for me it took it down many levels My Iphone lost it I would like to purchase it again

  33. Susan Hartley

    My tinnitus was making me deaf in my left ear and driving me to depression. I invested in the Tinnitus Terminator and can now live happily with tinnitus, it has not gone completely but is at a level where I can actually forget about it. I had to email the company 6 months ago because the programme stopped downloading, the very next day they sent me a new download copy. I could not live without the terminator. Well worth t he money I spent. I had been suffering for about 10 years, and I mean suffering.

  34. Hi – I purchased this program and followed it to the letter. It doesn’t work, but I did find some of the sound tracks somewhat soothing in that they masked the ringing in my ears and allowed me to get off to sleep much easier. I figured they were probably worth something so I didn’t bother trying to get a refund.

    I have since gone on to some self hypnosis. That seems to have a little more impact, but the degree of intensity of the high pitched ringing still varies a bit.
    It is a scam – this stuff doesn’t work. I have all the audio tracks and written material and I’m happy to make them available if you want them.

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