Diet and Tinnitus

Our bodies need sustenance, and it gets this from the food we eat, the amount of water we drink and the exercise we do on a regular basis to function on an optimal level amongst other lifestyle modifications. I would like to focus in this section a little on the foods to avoid in tinnitus and certain foods that may bring tinnitus relief. So the diet and tinnitus are of paramount significance.

I noticed fluctuation in tinnitus from time to time. I realized that this inconsistency in my tinnitus  is a large part attributed to the foods that I ate. One of the things that aggravated my tinnitus was popcorn. It was not actually the popcorn but the salt seasoning that I put in which was the culprit. So, I decided to diarises from then on, all the foods I introduced to my body and take notes of when the ringing in my ears became worse. Salty foods, aggravated my tinnitus. It has not been proven, but caffeine can be a cause of tinnitus. The same goes for alcohol. I for one found it strange when it came to the alcohol part. I actually find at times it  improved my hearing(this is with whiskey) and then at other times it dropped (with wine).I made a decision to eliminate this from my diet. I don’t smoke, but tobacco can contribute to loss in the hearing.


I switched to going onto more fruits and vegetables. I made a conscious decision to cut down on meat and chicken for the past 2 and a half years. I still love my fish though. I have concentrated of incorporating more leaf greens and barley along with carrots  and beetroot. These foods I take in daily in powder form and mix along with fruits. More in details on this later on. In conclusion, this boils down to a trial and error situation. You have got to cut down or add the foods that you feel will improve or worsen your tinnitus.

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