Is the constant ringing in your ears driving you CRAZY???

 How does Hearing this feel???

Yes, when you hear those noises,sometimes more than one at any given time, I got to ask you, don’t you go mad, is the constant ringing in your ears too much for you? And  I mean it literally, with the tinnitus it feels like you want to just bash your head against the wall, in the hope that maybe , just maybe you can have some peace in your mind.That all the noises you hear that are competing with one another to see who is The LOUDEST, would just stop and give you a break.So you can say Ahhhhhh!!!!! ……….I don’t have to dread the fact that the mind is going crazy and that I am loosing it. Today is a tinnitus-free day, and it’s going to be a wonderful day.

A tinnitus free-day, that is Music, to my ears, actually, I should say music to my ear. Unfortunately, my ringing and the rest of the family of noises are not going to leave me anytime soon. So, looks like coming to terms with this constant ringing in my ears facing it headon is the way forward.


So what then is some of the mental ways that we can use to deal with tinnitus?

  1. Be Calm and Composed – Its take a lot strength I know, especially since you are dealing with people constantly. When you confront people it feels like going to war, you psyche yourself up. I do everyday, just before a customer comes up to me, I pray, pray that all goes well, that words like I beg your pardon. Sorry, what did you say? Can you Please repeat yourself I don’t have to use and the customer will not get irritated with me. My audiologist, told me a few months back, that when you stress out or even think it that you are not going to hear before the encounter actually happens!!  then there is a good possibility you won’t.  You already making the Be calm helps with constant ringing in the earssituation even more worse than it already is.I have learnt now to calm myself by taking a few deep breaths and take the encounter as it comes, be it as it may.To my surprise, all does go well. There are few hiccups here and there and you can’t make everyone happy.I did not let this bother me though. In fact, I found that it actually helps to disclose to some people about your condition. You will be surprised, they may respond in a more understanding light.

2.Lip read. I think that I am slowly getting to mastering this technique. Lip reading  has helped me tremendously, in understanding what people are saying. For obvious reasons it won’t work if people’s back are facing you and at times I even struggle if they are to my side. In a group setting or if someone talks really fast, I tend to also fall behind. Nonetheless, it’s something I find extremely valuable when dealing with tinnitus.

3. Support: It makes life so much easier knowing you have  full support and understanding from family and friends. A lot, and I mean a lot of bad thoughts have crept into my mind. I got so angry and wanted to cry at times, it became so unbearable. I look around and see people, be it at the mall, in social setting, on TV anywhere engaging in conversation, and everyone doing it so effortlessly, and here I am struggling to hear one line properly.Support helps with the constant ringing in the ears

I can’t emphasize  to you how having a fantastic support circle, helped and is helping me thorough this time My wife would be my side and say, ‘ You are Strong, I am by your Side, we can and will get through this.’ Fortunately, the people at my work, offer me words of encouragement and positivity, which boosts my self-esteem and gives me the strength to go on. My Dad, worries sick about me and the first thing he will say to me when I see him is ” how’s your ear doing?” So, knowing people are with you through the battle makes life a little more comfortable.

I want to conclude this blog by extending an invitation to you to share. Share with me your way of how you deal with tinnitus mentally. How do you deal with the constant ringing in your ears?  In addition, I would like to also open the door to tell you that should  you feel the need for support or would like to chat more, you may email me, or share below.  Oh! please watch this space, I will be having more tips on how to deal with tinnitus using other great techniques like music and alternate health modalities, to name a few. Thank you and see you later.




  1. Jyl

    You definitely give some great tips here in this post. This is something that I know affects a lot of people, but even so it’s easy to feel that you’re the ‘only one’. Support of friends, family and workmates is vital, and to try and stay calm and not get stressed about it is bound to help isn’t it? Great post, well done 🙂

    • Roopesh

      Hi There.Thank you very much for your feedback.I think not only in dealing with tinnitus, but with everything in life, if somebody has support and people to back them up, it will mak dealing with the situation a whole lot easier.Take Care, Roopesh.

  2. Maarten

    Hi there,

    I’m glad to read this. When you have tinnitus life everyday things like just speaking to someone becomes a lot harder. Let alone trying to sleep when you’re alone in your thoughts. Having support is key in the process of learning to live with tinnitus. Lip reading is another great tip. I guess this happens naturally after a while?
    Is there any treatment for tinnitus? Or any treatment going to be available in the near future. Also, what’s the best way to prevent it?


    • Roopesh

      Hi Maarten

      It certainly does help to have support, people are aware and a little pressure is taken of your shoulders. Regarding the treatment of tinnitus, I have outlined various paths that one can follow that can help with the management of tinnitus, like exercise, acupuncture , relaxation techniques and sound therapy, to name a few. Also, I have outlined further treatment options in my product review page and you are more than welcome to have a look there as well. I try to watch my diet and keep my stress levels in check to try to prevent the intensity of tinnitus from getting worse. Its not always easy, but I got to learn to do this to cope with it. I hope that this answers your questions. If you would like to ask me anything else, please feel to contact me. Thanks a lot for your input. Regards Roopesh.

  3. Shawn

    Hi Roopesh,

    It’s good to see that you’ve made the best out of bad situation, with a positive outlook. I like the theme of your site. It’s easy to follow, and the video put things into perspective. That must be annoying. It looks like you’re using your site to help others, which is a very noble cause.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Shawn.

      I think one of the main purpose of this site besides helping people with this condition, is to offer them hope.Hope that there are avenues to take and to not give up no matter how bad a situation can be.Thanks for the complement and take care.Regards Roopesh

  4. Lynne

    Hey Roopesh.
    I’ve been on your website and commented a few times that I used to have tinnitus a long time ago but I hadn’t had it in years.
    Strange thing is that while driving home yesterday after dropping my kids at school I got it again. This was literally the first time in maybe 10 or 15 years.
    It wasn’t bad, it was very soft but it was there. I really wonder what brought it on and whether it will be happen again. Very strange!

    • Roopesh

      Hello Lynne

      Welcome back. I remember you as clear as day.

      Its really nice to hear from you. Sorry though to hear about the return of the T.

      Okay, it is a relief that it is soft for now. The thing with tinnitus, is that anything can trigger it off. And even more unpredictable is when it will switch off or get worse.

      I think for now the best advice that I can give you to, is try to not let it stress you out. I now that it is easier said than done, but stresses can bring the ‘T’ back up.

      Please let me know how it goes and if there is anything else that I can help with, give me a shout.

      All of the best to you and your family.



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