How to treat tinnitus caused by viral infections?

Getting Sick….Oh! No, Not AGAIN!!!

how to treat tinnitus caused by viral infections

We all get sick from time to time and it can last for one day to a couple of days. This depends on how strong our immune system is to fighting the infection as well as the type of infection that gets a hold of you. We can get either bacterial infections or viral infections. The flu, for instance is a viral infection. If this virus persists in the body and immune system is not strong enough to fight it, it can lead then to a secondary bacterial infection. The treatment will therefore depend on the type of infection you get. So, I would first like to ask you if you think viral infections can cause tinnitus? If so the next question would be how to treat tinnitus that is caused by viral infections.Join me as I investigate further………….

Infection– is an  invasion of microorganisms that may either be bacteria or virus that are not normally present within the human body.


Virus – is a tiny microscopic agent that is capable of infecting all life forms, but is only able to do so by replicating itself within a living organism.

Can viral infections cause Tinnitus?

Yes. As I had discussed previously, there are many causes of Tinnitus. Viral infections can most definitely be a cause of tinnitus in the ear. The virus can also interfere with the hearing and cause hearing loss which can be permanent or temporary. The brain picks up on this hearing loss and interprets other noises, which we hear as to treat tinnitus caused by viral infections

The E.N.T

The ENT(Ear, nose and throat) specialist has a very important job here. To confirm that the diagnosis is in fact a viral infection. He or she will examine the ear for any signs of wax build-up or inflammation of the ear drum. If there is  inflammation of the ear-drum the person will experience pain and possibly a fever. He or she may also get headaches. The ENT will check the nose for any signs of sinus congestion. To 100%verify this he may order an MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)of the sinuses. Various blood tests,like autoimmune and thyroid tests may also be to treat tinnitus caused by viral infectionsHow does it feel?

Viral infections brings about various signs that the person may experience in his or her hearing. Apart from the obvious ringing or hissing noises, there is an effect on the actual hearing. A hearing test will show a drop in the hearing. Other conditions like Meniere’s Disease can also cause this drop. This is why it is important to make a note of what symptoms you are feeling.

With viral infections there should not be extreme fluctuations in hearing, e.g. one day you hearing fine and the next day it has dropped quite a bit as can be seen in Meniere’s Disease. Furthermore, nausea and vomiting and vertigo is not very commonly seen in someone with a viral infection. Should you be experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, I strongly suggest you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Is there medication that I can take?

Yes there certainly is. You probably have heard of antibiotics. This type of medication is highly ineffective against viruses. Why???? Well an antibiotic, like penicillin for instance, acts or combats only bacterial organisms. It will do nothing against viruses. Like I mentioned above if this viral infection gives rise to a secondary bacterial infection, then an antibiotic will help, but only against the bacteria that is causing the problem.

Antiviral Medication

We treat bacteria with antibiotics, and we treat viruses with antivirals. how to treat tinnitus caused by viral infectionsIf someone has  tinnitus and it may be due to a viral infection, the chances of it being a “Herpes Zoster” type of virus is

very high.

The treatment for this type of viral infection will definitely depend on the preferences of the doctor.

They may prescribe , Valaciclovir(Zelitrex) or Famciclovir(Famvir).

The dosage may vary : Valaciclovir : 1gram may be taken three times a day for 7-14days and Famciclovir 500mg may be taken every 8hours for 5days.

How do these drugs work?

A drug like Valaciclovir, acts by working on the DNA of the virus. It  works by inhibiting the DNA polymerase of the virus, which is responsible for the virus to make duplicate copies of to treat tinnitus caused by viral infections It also incorporates itself into the DNA of the virus, thereby allowing for the chain termination of the virus rendering it inactive.





Side Effects

The side effects are very tolerable but as I always tell the people that walk into the pharmacy, your response may be different to someone else taking the same medication. The side effects include headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.


Along with the antiviral medication, the doctor may prescribe a cortisone called Prednisone .The main purpose of the corticosteroid such as prednisone is to reduce any inflammation that may come about due to the viral infection.

The dosage is as follows :

Prednisone : 40-60mg daily for 7days.

The doctor may adjust the dosage higher or lower depending on the severity of the condition.

Side Effects 

I will be very honest and tell you that the side effects of this drug is not very pleasant. It can interfere with the blood sugar levels, cause growth retardation,facial swelling, weight gain and peptic ulcers to name a few. The good news is that you are taking it for a short period of time so you may not even feel or experience any of these side effects. At the end it comes down to a question of benefits outweighing the risk.

So, this covers my breakdown of antiviral medication and tinnitus. On the same token, I get customers asking me another interesting question, ‘Is there a way of how to treat tinnitus using natural antiviral medications as opposed to conventional medication?

I will cover this subject later on when I discuss natural treatment for tinnitus including aromatherapy oils as well as other alternatives.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and would really love to hear your opinion or even if there is something you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

For now take care and all the best



  1. Angela

    I came across your website talking about tinnitus and found it quite interesting and especially your article about the possibilities of tinnitus being connected with caffeine. I have to admit that I am a big coffee drinker, yes I make a 10 cup pot every morning. I think I will have to look farther into this topic and maybe follow you in your coffee drinking challenge.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Angela

      A very welcome to you. Glad you found this article interesting. I hear you when you say that you are a big coffee drinker, I do enjoy my coffee but for a long time now have been really controlling my intake of it.

      Regarding the challenge, you are absolutely welcome. Lets do this and see what happens. Keep in touch and take care.



      • Donit

        Hi there. I so much enjoyed your article. I myself have had herpes menengo encephalitis when I was baby and many years later the herpes kept coming as they have effected both back of my eyes and I have little vision although I look as if I have no problem on my face. Recently the herpes came while I have to say I am on valacyclovir for life now. I have lost part of my hearing too but the ringing noises have subsided in an interesting middle on tire sound, if it makes sense. Thanks for this article. I’d so much more would want to know!!!

        • Hi Donit
          Thank you so much for sharing with us. Wow, to take that antviral for life. I can only imagine how much it must costs to be on that medication.I hope and pray that your hearing does not get affected to a severe state.
          I will be writing more material as time goes on, so please stop by again.
          Kind Regards and Take Care

  2. Violet

    Wow interesting information. Thank you for educating us on the differences between a bacterial and viral infection and what treat each infection with, We treat bacteria with antibiotics, and we treat viruses with antivirals. I have benefited on the treatment of tinnitus caused by viral infections, and the responding side effects after the various medications!
    I will share this information with family and friends!
    Thank you for sharing this!

    • Roopesh

      Hi Violet.

      It is my pleasure.

      It always makes me feel good knowing that someone who has read my articles has been helped in one way or the other. Am also very glad to hear that the treatment has helped you with your tinnitus. That is great news.

      Thank you very much for sharing this information with family and friends, I humbly appreciate it.

      Take Care


      • sheldon roberts

        Hi Mr. Roopesh,

        I got a viral infection which gave me tinnitus, can you let me know how to treat the tinnitus, I visited my ent doctor and he gave me an antibiotic, a nose spray even sleeping tablets. I really to get rid of tinnitus.

        • Hello Sheldon
          Are you certain that it is a viral infection?
          If it is viral in nature, then your doctor should have prescribed antiviral medication instead of antibiotics.

          Unfortunately, as far as I know most antiviral medication requires a prescription. So I think your best bet would be to get script.

          I know that you really want to get rid of the tinnitus. I really wish that I could offer you more advice.

          Wish all the best for your recovery.

  3. Stefan

    Hi Roopesh

    Sometimes I was wondering about the funny noises I’ve heard during a cold. So this is the explanation. Thanks a lot! My conclusion from that is, to boost the immune system as much as possible.

    As for myself, I’m doing different things to reach this goal like regular exercise or perparing healthy food. The latter I discussed in the following post on my website HeartBasedPower with a holistic view of health promotion:

    I hop, you’ll get some inspiration too!

    Take care, Stefan

    • Roopesh

      Hi Stefan

      I am glad that I could have been of assistance to you.

      Yes, along with lifestyle modifications and a good eating plan, you can surely maintain an excellent immune system and overall general well-being.

      Let me know how it goes and thanks for the information.

      Will definitely check it out.

      Merry Christmas to you and the family.

      Kind Regards


  4. Hey roopesh I have constant ringing in my right ear and constant coughing along with my right nostril being stuffed and having an inflammation. Can the ringing go once the cold is over. I’ve had the ringing for 6 days now and I’m 15.

    • Hi Elias
      Terribly sorry for the late reply. I had so many things happening that I could not even get a chance to check on my site.

      Thanks for the question.

      If the tinnitus is caused by the cold, then perhaps it would subside once the cold stops. Sometimes, the use of a cortisone nasal spray clears the tinnitus by getting rid of the inflammation that is within the nasal passages.

      Were you taking any medication during this time?

      I Hope this information helps you. If you still have the ringing, then perhaps there are other things we can try.
      But let me know how it goes.

      Then we can try something else.


    • Safwan

      Did ur tintus go away, I am in the same situation u were 2 years ago, what should I do, I am messaging u from a article u read by roppesh

  5. Meghan

    I have had tinnitus for a month now and I’ve been sick through out that time. Went to two ENTs and the last one believes my T was caused by a virus. My nose has been congested ever since the sickness so she said my hearing is perfect and that she wouldn’t give me something for my ears, but rather my nose. I am getting prescribed a steroid Flonase kind of medication and I am hoping that gets rid of it! My T has gotten increasingly softer ever since I started experiencing it-now to the point where I can only hear it when I am in a really quiet room/sleeping and even then it’s fairly faint.

    • Hey Meghan
      Thank you so much for sharing.
      So to me it seems like the steroid spray is helping to clear the congestion and as result it is clearing up any blockages that may be “causing” the tinnitus.

      Its sounds like you are coming right. Glad that you did not have to go onto Corticosteroid and antiviral pills.

      Wish you a speedy recovery.

  6. A.

    I also got Tinnitus after a viral infection, possibly Herpes Zosster, as my ENT told me. I finished with the antiviral drugs, and feel better in general (after 3 weeks of the first symptoms) but I still have Tinnitus in my head and feel slightly dizzy. I was prescribed with Serc 16 mg as well.

    Is the Tinnitus going to go away once the virus is gone , or is it going to be permanent?

    • Hi There
      That is a hard question for me to answer. I once took the antiviral medication along with Serc and Prednisone. Believe or not, the Tinnitus went away like magic and it was the most blissful feeling ever.
      Unfortunately, it was short lived and the T returned, though not as intense but is still there.
      I hope and pray for YOU that the Tinnitus will go away.
      Viruses are a funny thing, they can stay there for long. I would recommend if possible, get your doctor to script you the antiviral for another 2 months.
      Just a suggestion.
      Take Care

  7. Ruth

    I got vertigo about five weeks ago and tinnitus a week ago. MRI and CATSCAN of the head were negative. I am not sure will it ever going to go away?

    • Hey Ruth
      I am so sorry to hear about your T and vertigo. I wish I could help you out and give an answer, but unfortunately, I can’t. However, what I can tell you is that you are not alone and there are many folks out there with Tinnitus.

      Perhaps check out some of the lifestyle modifications, that I have blogged about.

      Remember, if there is anything else or you would chat, don’t hesitate all to drop in again.

      Praying for you.

  8. Steve

    Hi Roopesh, I have had Tinnitus since lying down in my car on a lunch break one day while I was sick. As soon as I sat up, my ears felt like they were clogged with fluid (I could hear and feel the fluid in there). Long story short, I took prednisone and antibiotics (amoxicillin) and the cold subsided but the Tinnitus has not. I am thinking I have/had a virus. My ears still experience funny issues with congestion frequently. Is there ANY possibility whatsoever that I could still have a viral infection? I was never put on antivirals. I have more or less gotten used to the Tinnitus, but still, if there is ANY a chance I could do something to make it go away, I would.

    Thanks for any and all advice.

    • Hey Steve
      Sorry to hear about your story.
      I think it is a good idea to try some corticosteroid nasal spray. You could have a bit of sinus congestion.In my country these kind of spray can be bought over the counter.Perhaps, try an oral antihistamine with this.

      If you still feeling under the weather, I think let your ENT check it out.Maybe trying antiviral can be an option.

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Let me know how it goes.

  9. George Wallot

    I have severe tinnitus in my right ear. It was caused by an infection which took out all hearing and left the constant ringing about 1000 hz. It is nearly as loud as normal conversation I hear in the other ear. I have been living with it for 50 years and nobody seems to have any recommendations on how to treat it. Any suggestions? This ear will never get well but I would be happy if it would just be quiet!

    • Hello George
      I am so sorry to hear about your tinnitus. For fifty years you have had it. I want to start by telling you that I admire you and think that you are very strong and brave.

      Despite you having had no luck thus far, you still have not given up. That is awesome. I really wish that I could tell you exactly what would work for you, but I am sorry that I cannot.

      Have you tried sound maskers or white noise treatments? For some folks it brought about some relief. What about a hearing aid? Perhaps that may help for you to hear over the ‘T’ .

      I have talked about diet and lifestyle modifications on this website. Give some of them a shot.

      Will be praying for you.

  10. Sathish

    HI Sir,

    I have an ear infection and hole in eardrum,
    I have tinnitus from last 20 days continuously.
    Will it be cured once the ear infection is solved or will it become permanent.
    I can’t live with this.
    Can you please reply for this.
    Is there any Homeopathy medicine which will reduce the tinnitus?

    Thanks Sir

    • Hi Satish
      I am so sorry to hear about your tinnitus situation. I wish that I could offer you a concrete answer as to whether or not your tinnitus will be cured, but unfortunately I cannot.
      I would recommend checking out the rest of my site whereby I offer some practical things that one can try to lessen the ‘intensity’ of the tinnitus.

      As for homeopathy, I believe you can try it and see if it helps you or not.
      Regards and Good Luck

  11. Catherine Gaffney

    Hello – my Daughter has developed a ringing in her ears over the past week. I have taken her to the Doctors twice, both have said they think it is viral and will go away on its own and prescribed her nothing! She is unable to sleep which is causing her a lot of distress and as she is prone to being anxious she is worrying it will never go away.
    When i take her back should i be asking for an antiviral?
    Thank you for any help – i feel like she is being fobbed off with an ‘it will go away on its own’

    • Hello Catherine
      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s situation. How old is she? If it is a viral infection, they should confirm it with a blood test. Once it is confirmed, then a course of Antiviral’s should be the next step.

      The thing with a viral infection is that if you leave it, it can go away within a short period of time or it can last long. That is hard to say.

      I think, it would be a good idea right now to bring her anxiety levels down. She is stressed and in most cases, this can aggravate the ringing in here ears. It is easy to tell her to calm down, but no-one but her knows what she is going through. If you can, try to get a hold of some ‘Rescue’ homeopathic medication to help her out.

      Please keep me informed of her progress

  12. Angie

    A virus first attacked my inner ear and took away balance on my right side. Had to retrain my brain on how to balance. Then about 8 years later tinnitus started in the same ear. They believe a virus was deactivated. However I was not given any anti viral medication. So I’m wondering now that I have had this for almost two years would any anti viral medication be worth a try or is it too late?

    • Hi Angie
      Thanks for the question.

      The possibility is certainly there that it could be a ‘re-activation’ of the virus. Honestly speaking, I would recommend a course for 5-7days of anti-viral meds.

      If you notice a slight improvement, then let the doctor give it to you for a longer period of time.
      All the best

  13. Bee

    Would the antie viral medicine Aciclovir also work for this? I have confirmed EBV and am being treated with it from next month.

  14. Doria

    hello, I am in the 2 nd year of severe Tinitus after 2 Meningitis diognosis and hospital treatments. I am on Vycyclovyr 500mg 1 x a day for about 2 years now, the Nititus is getting worse , The specialists think it might be connected to also auto immune disorder… do you think there is a connection of Herpes and auto immune disorder and tinnitus? The tinnitus started about a year after my second meningitis ( viral ) was dizzy first and feeling unbalanced and very weak.. now it is hard to deal with…Thank you for your time

    • Hello Doria
      Thank you for your visit.
      There could be a couple of things going on. Do you still experience the dizziness?If so, do you feel nauseous as well?
      This could mean that perhaps you may have had a case of vertigo.

      I would recommend an antihistamine such as Serc along with the antiviral and perhaps a cortisone.

      Second question, did you get an autoimmune antibody test done? Let them also check out your Thyroid. They can do a Thyroid Function test and Thyroid Antibody test.

      Let me know how it goes.

      All the best

  15. Hello Roopesh i had a chicken pox varicela on 23 yrs and went to do many blood test thyroid fynctuon blood immune test igg ige was diagnosed with contact dermatitis prone to alergies they said that the immune system is down and needs time to build up again later on that had a bacteria proteus mirabilis i didnt knew went to ear throat doctor and said that the drums are not good my right ear was like in a vaccume cannot hear anything that time was ill they gave me a nassal spray and was ok a month later went again and went to microbiology test and in both ears found a bactery proteus mirabilis they gave me amoxiclav 1000 mg for a week and cifloxan drops 3×3 per day and belogent cream to put went going to sleep when i occured with the bactery my ears started to ring a high freqeunce sound only hear in quite places after the therapy i do the same microbiology test and was clear and went to the doctor and said that everythig is ok it passed 2 months since the ringing started and didnt stoped besides i dont use ear plugs and dont listen loud music thats very rare but in that period was none… So i can tell that there isnt loud sounds damage … Asking for some tip for my case thank you

    • Hi Mile.
      Did they test for any viral infections?
      I think if you have the ringing, the first step that I would recommend would be to visit an audiologist and get the hearing checked out.Then we know where we stand.

      I wrote about some lifestyle modifications that you can try out to lessen the intensity of the ringing. Things like, watching your salt intake, exercise and relaxation techniques.

      You are more than welcome to check it out.

      Let me know how it goes.

  16. Julie

    Hi I am new here and came across your forum by accident,

    But I have been experiencing some ringing in my ears for 9 years after a cold and I went to the ENT and he did the hearing test It was okay but I keep feeling this fullness in my ears then the popping sound When I blow through my hear.

    I was not given anything for my ears nor did they say I had any infection they just sent me home. Now on a daily basis the ringing is getting awful and I get pain in the side of my ear at the back near my carotid. I also get a far away feeling in my eyes. Can you please tell me if this is anything you have experienced and what I can do to ease this feeling of ear fullness.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Julie
      My sincere apologies for the late reply.
      Yes, I have actually experienced this sensation. It can be really bothersome.Since these symptoms had come up only after you had a cold, I think, it would be a good idea, to try some antihistamines with a steroid nasal spray.

      It could be sinus congestion.

      If that does not work, then speak to your doctor and let him prescribe for you some steroid tablets and do a blood test. The blood tests to check for a viral infection or for autoimmune disease.
      Do you get dizzy at times?

      Will pray for you.
      Let me know how it goes.

  17. Ansar Ali

    HI Dr.Roopesh,
    I have been encountered with tinnitus due to sinus problem, i have suggested medain (Ginkgo biloba) Tab 1+1+1 daily for month, I have just started the medicine, however, after reading your posts, I would like to ask you, should I take any anti viral or some congestion spray or continue the above mentioned drug, Please help me out, hearing whistling noise is so annoying!!!

    • Hi Ansar
      I am not a doctor, but a pharmacist by profession.
      How long has the ‘whistling noises’ been carrying on for?
      It it start from the sinus problem?

      I think it would be a good idea to see an ENT specialist.If they can do a blood test and confirm viral infection, then they would prescribe anti viral meds.

      The cortisone nasal spray is not a bad idea.

      • Ansar Ali

        Hi Roopesh,
        Thanks for the prompt reply.
        How long has the ‘whistling noises’ been carrying on for?
        I have encountered with the problem few years back, was leaving in Saudi Arabia, I have visited to ENT specialist, thoroughly checked by Doctor and gave me some herbal medicine for tinnitus, found no relief, however, noises gone after a year.
        It it start from the sinus problem?
        Yes it is started from the sinus, still i have congestion in my respiratory tract, for that I am using some herbal medicines along with Tarisin Nasal Spary.


        Ansar Ali

        • Hello Ansar
          The whistling noises for me do not stop.Awhile back, they used to vary in intensity, but nowadays, it is at one consistent level.I am not familiar with that brand of nasal spray.However, after I googled I found out that it is, in fact, a steroid nasal spray.

          I think that Corticosteroid tablets may be of some help as well. A short course. I am also assuming that the doctor did perform a blood test and found no signs of viral infection. Is this correct?

  18. Maree

    My kids experienced colds at home, I did not. Last Saturday I woke up and my right ear can’t hear just rigging sound. Went to work that morning but by 2 pm I had to go home because my balance was bad. I end up calling 911. At ED they ruled out heart problem.
    Went to ENT yesterday and gave me Perdisone only. ENT thinks it is viral inspection. Should I take anti-viral with Prednisone? Is there a possibility of my hearing to come back?
    Thank you so much!!!

    • Hi Maree
      Yes, I think it could be a good idea for the doctor to prescribe some anti-viral medication for you. I would think that they would have given you some Serc for the dizziness as well.

      How are you feeling today?

  19. CL1996

    I was told by three separate doctors (including an ENT) that it was a viral infection of the inner ear. However, I do not feel nor exhibit any symptoms of an infection. The doctors say that one won’t always experience symptoms, but the virus IS there.
    My Tinnitus symptoms seem peculiar. I hear faint rhythmic siren sounds from afar. At night my right ear rings also rhythmically. However, my blood pressure is normal. Some days it seems to go away completely. Anybody has the same symptoms? The ENT also ruled out tumors based on my apparently excellent audio test.

    • Yes, viral symptoms may not necessarily show up, but can still be there. I am assuming they confirmed the viral infection from a blood test, is that correct?

      Were you given a course of Antiviral medication to take?
      Good to know that your audio results are good.

      • CL1996

        No I was not given a blood viral test. I am actually not quite sure if it were really ever a viral infection. However, all this started when one night I slept in an awkward neck position and suddenly I felt dizzy. Then it gradually evolved into ear buzzing and ringing. The doctors also ruled out any strokes.
        I acually had a really good night sleep the night before, but a faint high pitch sound surfaced again last night.
        I suspect that I have a nervous system disorder, which can only be alleviated by enough sleep.

  20. CL1996

    A tip that may or may not help here. Try massage your ear lobe and the skull area right above/around your ear (effected one). For me it has been working quite well whenever my buzzing/ringing comes on. I think it helps relieve pressure and improves circulation. Tinnitus has different causes, but this may help some ppl. Best wishes and hope everyone improve. God bless.

  21. Jan Wood

    I have had tinnatus for 20 years that came on suddenly and very loudly. For the last 3 years I have suffered severe fatigue and an audiologist suggested the two may be related. Is this possible abd if so is there a treatment.
    Many thanks

    • Hello Jan
      I can personally vouch that having tinnitus can drain one’s energy. When I say drain one’s energy I mean, ‘day-in, day-out,’ it takes alot for one to concentrate on conversations and this is what can make a person tire out.

      Sometimes it easier and other days, it can be a challenge

      Hope that this answers your question

  22. CL1996

    I have noticed that by stretching and massaging my neck muscles, the buzzing sensation is relieved or sometimes completely gone. Sometimes my ear would pop and that makes it go completely away too. The ringing is a bit tricky, I almost think it is a neurological thing as it also varies and comes and goes. I think that ENT’s do not know about these things and they simply can’t help us. We must find our own ways. Certain tinnitus may not be caused by virus infection, this is ususally the ENT’s diagnosis after they have ruled out everything they know. Please keep this in mind. God bless.

    • I agree with you, we need to find what works for us. Sometimes what may work for me, may not necessarily work for you. That is what this site is all about, offering different solutions to combat tinnitus.

      Thanks so much for your input.

  23. Tekin

    Started having tinnitus after 2 weeks of headaches. A week later started feeling tired and dizziness started along with T. Went to an ENT and audiologist and hearing was fine. My hearing actually became too sensitive and hearing test came back exceptional which was not a good thing for me because ambulance noises and car brake noises became very difficult to handle. ENT Dr was no use and waste of time. Went to a neurologist who ordered an MRI secheduled for tomorrow but do not expect anything to show up there.

    Last week remembered that I had HSV1 related outbreak of rash on my legs 2 months prior from over-exercising. My Infectious disease Dr put me on valacyclovir 1g twice a day. I also take monolaurin which helps. Feeling much better after a week. However, T is still there. Had 5 sessions of acupuncture at a trusted place and it helped with T. After some sessions T was gone for few hours and noise level went down. It is difficult to get rest and sleep so what I do is use my iphone with ear buds in bed and listen to an app called tinnitus aid with rain drops that filters out the T hissing noise. Hoping that my T will be gone after the viral treatment. I’ve done a lot of reading online about T and there is some audio treatment called Neuromonics for it but it costs about $4-5000 and lasts a year in US. There is also an app called Neuromonics Tinnitus Alleviator that is supposed to be for self treatment. I have no connection to these companies but mentioning it for those chronic sufferers. Going to try another acupuncturist in NYC with high ratings and hoping for better results. If T is still there after viral infection and acupuncture is no help then last resort is to try neuromonics.

    • Hi Tekin
      Thank you so very much for contributing this information for our readers. Really appreciate it.
      I remember my ENT telling me that I have to continue taking the antiviral medication for at least 6-7months along with Serc. It is a pricey regime though.

      I too have had some relief from acupuncture. I used the Genesen acutouch pens.

      Thank for informing us about that app called Tinnitus Aid. I did not know about this one and will certainly check it out.I pray that the antiviral medication will work for you.

      All the best

  24. Tom

    Hi thank you for all this information. After only 1 or 2 hours sleep I always find myself trawling the internet for a solution to my tinnitus. I realised that my tinnitus and dizzy spells came on at the same time as the death of someone close? It’s nearly 2 years now . I’ve been to a hearing check at the hospital they just said it’s tinnitus with no cure. I’m going to try your suggestions be more healthy eat better be fitter. Thanks

    • Hello Tom
      You are absolutely welcome. Yes, please feel free to check around the site and give some of the suggestions here a go.
      I believe that with tinnitus it is a case of trial and error. We never know if something will work or not unless we try it out.

      I know that it is late, but my condolences to you.
      Do take care of yourself.

  25. David


    I had some difficulty swallowing in mid December and on Jan 1st my ears started ringing. In the 2nd week of January I tested positive for EBV. It manifested to mono as well. I’m over the fatigue but still on SuperBowl Sunday I’m dealing with my ears ringing. I initially tried Prednisone and it didn’t work. I had an MRI which was unremarkable. Now I’m on day 3 of Valtrex. My neck hurts and is sore from time to time and my ears ache sometimes. I still feel the difficulty swallowing sometimes. When can I expect to get back to normal sometime? I’ve been miserable and resting for 5 weeks. Thanks so much.

    • Hi David
      My apologies for the late reply.
      It sounds to me like the viral infection is still there. If so, then you may have to wait a little longer until it goes away. Its hard to tell, how long viral infection lasts. I know that you don’t like hearing it, but perhaps, you have to wait awhile.

      Are you still on the steroid? Are you experiencing any vertigo?

  26. Rovel Almario

    I’m on my 2nd day of hizzing sound in my left ear my GP said I got fluid inside my ear and give me ciprodex drops and I read a lot of negative review of ciprodex do you have any personal knowledge on this eardrop have you know on your dealing with patience that give negative feedbacks and will it help my condition?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Rovel
      This drops consists of an antibiotic as well as a steroid. The steroid component helps to clear any inflammation and the antibiotic part helps to kill off the infection.
      The antibiotic part can aggravate the tinnitus in my opinion. I know, that you probably may not like to hear what I have to say, but I think you have to give it time to wear off. That’s assuming if its the culprit here.

      And mention to your doctor what is going on.

      Will be praying for you.

  27. Dominique

    Hi I was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis on 12/8/17 and I developed severe Tinnitus on 12/15/17 it has been a constant high pitched tone 24/7 ever since then. I hear it over everything it’s driving me nuts!!! I have no clue what caused it, if it was the VM or the Lumbar Puncture since I ended up getting a CSF leak from it, the antibiotics they had me on for a suspected sinus infection or all the stress at the time I have no clue what caused it, now I have the flu and it seems even louder, what can I do to perhaps cure this horrible sound? I’ve seen every specialist there is to see. I have an MRI scheduled this week to see if I’m leaking still. My hearing test was close to perfect so no hearing loss (had it done on 12/19/17) I hear my T more so in my head rather than ears thank you for your time

    • Hi Dominique
      So sorry to hear about your tinnitus. Are you still taking the antiviral medication? If you are not, then perhaps speak to the doctor and ask him to prescribe you a course. Along with this, it would be a good idea if he gives you some Prednisone.

      I hope that all goes well with the MRI. Let me know what happens.
      Good Luck

  28. mirjam

    Hi Roopesh!

    One month ago i started hearing a sound in my ear that was quite loud. But the sound would only be loud at night and be very mild in the morning, even if i would cover my ears. I went to the doctors about a week ago and she examinated my ear and didn’t find anything. She asked me if i had a cold and i said that i had it, but I’m not sure if it was a little bit after the ringing came or not. She gave me a nasal spray and Betamethasone pills that i took for 5 days anyways. and the ringing definitely improved! But i can still hear it very quietly if i am in a quiet room and its still bothering me, but the sound changed compeletely. I am wondering if it may have been the virus that caused since the medication seem to have worked a little bit or if it was due to the cold, would it have gone away completely? i also work in a very loud and noise warehouse, use earphones all the time, lack sleep etc.

    • Hi Mirjam
      The best way, to determine if it is a viral infection, is for the doctor to do a blood test. If it comes out positive, then he or she should prescribe some antiviral medication.

      The next thing that you mentioned is that you are working in a very noisy environment. I am relieved that you are protecting your ears by using the earphones, but is there a possibility that sometimes your ears do get exposure to the loud noise? If so, this could affect the tinnitus as well.

      I notice that when I stay up later than usual, doing my online business, that the next day, my tinnitus is more pronounced. The days that I go to bed early, and get a decent sleep, my tinnitus is less pronounced. My point is that you should try to get more sleep. If you are having trouble, then I would recommend a natural tranquilizer like Biral.

      All the best, and do keep in touch.

  29. Cyril Christo

    Namaste- went snorkeling and felt water clogged in ear could not equalize…back in New Mexico Doctor said there was acute otitis media issue( Eustachian Tube still blocked)…tinnitis started right after Amoxycillin prescription which i too for 10 days..Could antibiotic have flared up tinnitus?…is virus still active? loss- of hearing also accompanied tinnitus…

    • Namaste to you too.
      If it is a viral infection, then I think Amoxycillin is NOT going to help. This is an antibiotic, and I recommend the doc’s check to see if perhaps is an underlying viral infection by doing a blood test and then prescribe antiviral medication along with a corticosteroid course

      If you can, I would recommend trying a decongestant nasal spray, that you can try if you still feeling congested.

      Do let me know, how it goes.

  30. Lawrence

    In addition to the acyclovir drugs coconut oil and shredded coconut contain monolaurin a substance that dissolves the lipid coat surrounding and protecting the Herpes virus. One tablespoon morning and night will help make herpes visible to your immune system. In addition you can buy at Amazon colloidal silver solution which is small doses stops the herpes virsus as well. I use both and make my own colloidal silver solution..

  31. WAN

    Hello everyone,

    This is an interesting site. If virus among other things can be the cause of Tinnitus. I have the ultimate answer: Compact origan, Ravisara Camphre . Essentail oils are very powerful to kill viruses while respecting the very nature of ourself. Welcome to the world of plant.

  32. WAN

    Hello everyone,

    This is an interesting site. If virus among other things can be the cause of Tinnitus. I have the ultimate answer: Compact origan, Ravisara Camphre . Essentail oils are very powerful to kill viruses while respecting the very nature of ourself. Welcome to the world of plant.

    Mr WAN

  33. Stan House

    Can coronavirus cause tinnitus? I used to have strong tinnitus which went away about 5 years ago. Now it is back! Could it be due to the current coronavirus epidemic? I don’t have (as far as I can tell) any symptoms of the coronavirus.

    • Hey Stan
      Excellent question. That is hard to say. I remember back when I first diagnosed with Tinnitus, my ENT sent me for a blood test, to look specifically for any viral infection as such Herpes Zoster. I came out clear. But the point is that he believed that viral infections can cause Tinnitus.

      So it is possible that Coronavirus can cause Tinnitus. However, as you said you are not showing any signs of COVID. Perhaps, you might be stressing out and that could have triggered your current Tinnitus.

      I hope that this answer provides you with some clarity.
      Do take it easy.

  34. Anne

    Hello Dr. Roopesh, my tinnitus symptoms have increased to the point of intolerance. but, they seem to have surged after a cold. Starting with pain itching in ear. Went to Dr. and she said ears were pure and clear! I think it’s viral bc I have HVS-1. I have stuffy ears, pain in ears, headache, high pitched sound, esp at night! It increases so badly I cannot sleep. What can I do?

    • Hello there
      So sorry for the late reply. I know that my reply is late. But did they do a blood test to confirm any viral infection. Have you been feeling dizzy? I hope that you are doing okay?

  35. Mark

    Hi Dr Roopesh,

    I have come across your site in my desperate search for an answer to my Tinnitus,

    About 6-8 weeks ago i got a bad pain in my right side of Face, it turned out to be my tooth that had been attacked by which we believe was a viral infection, it killed all the nerves in my Molar, i have since had a Root Canal and all pain now gone from the Tooth and has all settled down but the Tinnitus started at the same time, as the issue went undiagnosed for 4-5 wks,
    I Have had MRI, all Clear, Had blood test for Bacterial Infection, all clear, but still get these hot flushes over my Head & Ears and it makes the Tinnitus worse when i get them, could this be the residual Viral infection that is causing the issue, Tinnitus, the Pitch changes to high & Low,

    I cant live put up with this anymore,


  36. Sam Macri

    I have had T for one week ,went to doctor and said it was a viral infection based on the I nformation I provided him.Said it wil take 2 weeks to 3 months to pass but I am not confident.
    Did not suggest a blood test but to be sure should I ask for this to be done.
    I can cope with this during the day but night time I am struggling to sleep and if I get 3 hours sleep I would be lucky.Tried masking with air con fan but not much luck.
    I am at my wits end ,any suggestions.
    I also wake up with nausea for which I have been given tablets.

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