Hearing Loss and Work, How to Handle it?(4 Tips For You)

When you are struggling to hear your customers at work, your boss may think that you are being ‘difficult.’  This could not be further from the truth.Hearing loss and Work

It can become challenging when you have a hearing difficulty and your job heavily depends on you to hear the customers. Trust me, I know. As a pharmacist, I can tell you its really not an easy thing to do when you have that annoying tinnitus constantly ‘buzzing, ringing or whistling,’ in the background.

Ever since my tinnitus started, it has become such a challenge to handle both my hearing loss and work commitments simultaneously.

During this time I have learned a couple of things, that has helped to make things easier for me, with regards to handling the stress associated with the tinnitus, during work hours.

Here are 4 tinnitus stress reducing tips that I would like to share with you.

If just one of these can help you along your journey then this post has served its purpose.

I know that it’s not easy dealing with all the challenges that come with having tinnitus, but for what it’s worth, ‘you are a winner in my eyes.’

With that being said, let us get on with those tips. Shall we?

1. Let Your Staff and Boss know about your Tinnitus

It’s not about getting any extra attention, but by letting the people at work know about your tinnitus it will make them more aware and understanding of the matter.

Let your boss and staff know about your hearing loss

If for instance, they ask you something and you happen not to hear them, they will not immediately jump the gun and think that you are being rude or ignoring them.

I am completely deaf in my right ear and have to rely solely on my left one.

My colleagues have been made aware of this. Having said that, I am truly grateful for the fact that they have become accommodating. They even make an effort to stand on my left-hand side whilst talking to me.

Let everyone at your job know. Get it out in the open. Not everyone may be as understanding and helpful, but at least give it a shot.

Who knows, the environment may end up being less tensed up and your stress levels may come down a few notches.

2. Let your Customers Know about Your Tinnitus

It may be easier to get your colleagues to understand, but it is a totally different story when it comes to facing your customers.

I remember when my tinnitus was really bad, I had this impatient elderly man, in his late 50’s or early 60’s. Boy! Was I struggling to get his details, in order to access his profile and prepare his medication.

He was getting so heated up, as I was trying to get the information. I must admit during those early stages, I felt like it was a burden, having to inform my customers of my tinnitus and hearing problem. Not realizing that it could actually make things less stressful.Angry customers at work

Anyway, I could feel his ‘head’ starting to smoke and his ‘eye-balls’ wanting to shoot a laser beam into me. I eventually figured out what he was trying to say, dashed off and got his meds. By this time my stress-induced tinnitus shot through the roof.

I can still remember the man’s words when he left, ” Don’t Forget to take your Happy Pills!” His sarcasm was an obvious sign that I had cheesed him off big time.

I learned my lesson from that moment on. If I  was struggling, I would disclose my condition to the customer. I found that 9 out of 10 times, they were more patient and empathetic towards me.

So, once again put yourself out there when appropriate. Don’t feel like you are an inconvenience to anyone.

If anything, you will cause yourself extra ‘ headaches’ by not saying anything. This is something that you don’t really need.

3. Get a Hearing Aid

I was stubborn when it came to this part. So many thoughts ran through my head:

What if people see me like this?
It would not look nice on me.
I just want my hearing to get back to normal!

After my audiology exam, it was not a case of whether it was an option or not to wear a hearing aid. It was something that I needed. Period.

 Hearing aid is essential for tinnitus

My Hearing Aids, My Lifesaver

The hearing aid would not only help me with my hearing loss and work situations but with every other situation that required me to hear. In other words, it would become a part of my everyday living.

That’s how bad my tinnitus was. There was a slim chance of my hearing coming back to normal.

As for the first two concerns, I realized that ‘I SHOULD NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT MY HEARING AID.”

I had to put that in bold for a simple reason. I realised- ‘It is only going to benefit me.’

The truth is that the sooner you make peace with that, the sooner you can move forward. I am proud to say that it’s almost 3 years now that I am wearing my hearing aid.

Believe it or not, there are times when my tinnitus is actually behaving and I can hear WITHOUT the aid, yet I still keep it on. My hearing aid is like the iron man suit

It’s like Tony Stark and his famous armour suit that gives him the power to become Iron Man. My suit is my aid. It gives me the strength to ‘face the many battles that may come my way.’

And as for the looks. Man, these days, they are making hearing aids fashionable. I kid you not.

For the kids, they come in some awesome colors. As for the size, they are barely noticeable. Well, this would depend on which one you go for. The ‘In the ear’ or the ‘Behind-the-ear.

Go ahead and speak to an audiologist TODAY!

4. If your Work is Not Easy, Find ANOTHER ONE to HELP you Out!

I am not suggesting to you that you quit your job. Not at all. Though I love my profession, there will always be that stress associated with this type of job.

When my tinnitus was in full force, my job was threatened. The stress escalated to unimaginable levels and my livelihood was in the balance. My mind raced to a bleak and uncertain future.

A future where, ‘I go completely deaf and I can’t hear at all!’ That thought scared the wits out of me. From that point onwards, I vowed to have a backup plan.

And so my quest began to look for a secondary source of income whilst I was doing my day-job. I went online and started searching the high and lows. It was foreign stuff to me and intimidating at the same time.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, after reading tons of product reviews, I found an online program that would teach me how to build an online business from scratch. I thought to myself, this sounds interesting.’ why not check it out?’

This online opportunity offered a FREE TRIAL. That meant that I could try it out without having the need to put down any money or CREDIT CARD information.

What have I got to loose?

These days, you’ve got be very cautious about all those online scams going around. I signed up and gave it a shot and my luck could not get any better.

As a result of that amazing online business opportunity, I was able to build this wonderful website. This site that helps you to deal with tinnitus.

Not bad for a pharmacist, wouldn’t you say?!

Anyway, the point that I am making here, is that whilst you have your regular job, you can build an online business around any passion that you choose. You can spend an hour a day and over time you will be able to see it grow to its full potential.

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Thats what I did. Now I have a back-up and am learning some amazing skills that opens up other doors. The best part, is that it is less stressful on the ears.

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Where there is a will, there certainly is a way.

Hearing loss and work challenges can be dealt with.

We do not have to go gentle into the night. We can and will deal with our tinnitus.

Hope you found this post helpful.

How do you cope with your hearing loss whilst doing your job?

Would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by
Regards and Take Care


  1. Simon

    I’m not surprised your stress levels escalated to unimaginable levels, Tinnitus is an awful condition because it’s that constant ringing that doesn’t go away. I bet it can slowly drive you mad at times.

    I agree with letting everyone know you have Tinnitus, from work colleagues to customers as they are sure to understand the issue and help by having patience with you while you work.

    One thing I would like to know is whether a hearing aid makes the ringing louder. Do you find this the case?

    I new someone who went through a serious case of Tinnitus where she lost her balance and couldn’t work for about 4 months, so it can lead to serious problems if you don’t seek advice.

    Best practice, like you have done is to get professional help and take an audiology exam as there’s plenty of help available.

    Thanks for your tips,

    • Roopesh

      Hello Simon

      You are spot on, the ‘ringing’ can certainly make life more challenging.

      Thanks for asking about the hearing aid.I find that it masks the ringing and it amplifies peoples’s voices making it more easier for me to hear.

      It’s sounds to me that your friend may have had a vertigo attack.I had experienced this as well, and let me tell you it’s certainly not pleasant.

      Thanks for your comment.



  2. Merrell

    Hi Roopesh,

    Thank you for sharing the tips about how to handle tinnitus. Absolutely concur that it would be a huge hindrance towards your role as a healthcare professional if you had to deal with tinnitus on a daily basis.
    And of course, absolutely agreed, not too shabby for a pharmacist to be able to build this website! All the best and keep up the good sharing on health tips!

    • Roopesh

      Hey Merrell

      Thanks a million for that compliment.

      Really appreciate it.

      Will keep sharing whatever I learn.

      Take Care


  3. Amar-V

    Hello Roopesh what an interesting site you got here.

    I have read your blog post on tinnitus, and while don’t personally suffer from it, it did get me thinking.
    The only time I ever got a ‘ringing’ noise in just one ear, was my stupid cousin had popped a balloon in my ear. To be a little blunt, I felt like hitting him and then some, but you couldn’t blame me, as the pain in my ear was very unpleasant. Do you think that would do any long[lasting damage? I sure hope not.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Amar

      If your hearing is okay now, then I think you do not have anything to worry about.

      If the ‘ringing’ persists and you find that it is hindering your hearing, then get it checked out.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  4. Penelope

    Thanks for the informative post. My husband suffers from tinnitus and I know how annoying it can be. I like that you suggest just telling people at work about it, so they understand what’s going on. People tend to be understanding when given the opportunity. Unfortunately people are usually so rude that we just presume people are also being rude rather than perhaps dealing with a physical issue or disability. For unbearable levels of tinnitus, I agree that it makes sense to look for a career where you don’t have to be around so many people.

    • Roopesh

      Hi Penelope

      I feel for your husband and know exactly what he is going through.

      Please let him have a look around the site.Perhaps he may find something to help him out.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.



  5. dean couch

    my right ear just start ringing for no reason some time it so bad i cant hear my wife is this good or bad lol what can i do to help it im worried about my job can i get fired because of this

    • Hi Dean
      I can relate to how you are feeling. When I first got the tinnitus it was really stressful and dealing with customers and communicating with my colleagues was hard.

      I think speaking to an audiologist can help you out. When I went, I was told that I needed to wear a hearing aid. Though it was something that I did not want to do, it was the only option that I had. Today I can tell you it was the best decision that I had made.

      They can offer you some solutions to help you.I would certainly recommend that you should also try and let your employer and colleagues know about your situation.

      Will be praying for you. Hope all will go well.

      I will pray that all comes right for you.

      All the best

  6. Rob S.

    This is one serious ailment. I’ve had tinnitus before and it can drive you crazy! The constant ringing in your eyes. It’s unbearable. Stress has a lot to do with it and the tips here can give you a positive result. My questions are: Is there something you can take for it and is there a cure? I’d love to know the answers because I don’t ever want tinnitus again.

    • Roopesh

      Hey Rob

      Thanks for stopping by.

      At the moment there is no cure. I would suggest to try out some lifestyle modifications and dietary changes. Don’t it all once, or else you can do more harm than good.

      Relaxation techniques such as Yoga and meditation may offer you some benefit.Give that a go, and check that your salt intake is regulated.

      Check out the rest of my site. You may find some things that can help you. Remember what can work for you, may not necessarily work for me. Its a case of trial and error.

      All the best to you.



  7. anna

    Thanks for the helpful post. It’s really comforting to know that someone understand the pain of tinnitus and gradual hearing loss. I’ve non-stop tinnitus since 20 years ago after exposure to loud noise, and after that my hearing ability become worse year by year. I have considered hearing aid too as it is really affecting my job as my colleagues lose patience repeating their words to me. However, I heard that putting on a hearing would make the ears rely on it and you may lose all the hearing ability that’s left. That means you will hearing nothing (initially you can) if you take down the hearing aid. Is this true? Currently i’ve not much problem having conversations with friends and family at home or in less noisy enviroment, or watching tv. I do not want to lose all my hearing, yet i hope i can use the hearing aid during work as it is really affecting my performance. Can you advise on this please?

    • To be really honest with you, I had to wrestle with the thought of having to wear a hearing aid. Since I am completely deaf(from birth) in my right ear, I eventually had to buy a hearing aid for my left ear.

      With the grace of the Almighty, I was able to buy the Phonak Cross. This company is really up to date and their products are good.I had no option but to buy it, as a pharmacist speaking to my customers, hearing is an absolute necessity.

      Till this day, I still struggle as I tend to pick up noise from the environment as well having the need to focus on the conversation at hand.

      However, in all fairness, I have to admit to you, that without my hearing aid, I would NOT have survived this far. Yes, I have become dependent on it, as my tinnitus can get out of hand.I have to disagree on what you have been told about the losing your hearing as a result of the aid.I do not think it is possible.

      They helped me to mask the noise and help me to communicate much better.

      If you can hear people at this point, then I think you are okay. Certain hearing aid companies, offer you a trial period to see if the aid helps without the need to pay anything upfront.

      Speak to an audiologist and just try it out for two weeks or for how long the trial is. It may make a difference or not? You got nothing to lose.This is what I think.
      Let me know how it goes.

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