News Update: Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Tinnitus

Hello everyone.How’s things going? Recently I had been getting quite a few requests on any news on the Vagus Nerve stimulation procedure. I am happy to announce that there will be a webinar taking place very soon. The webinar titled ” Vagus Nerve Stimulation- A new Treatment for Tinnitus,” is presented by the American Tinnitus … [Read more…]

My Review of the William Sound Pocketalker Hearing Amplifier System

Hello Everyone Welcome to my review of the William Sound Pocketalker Personal Amplifier system. I know, it sounds like a mouthful, but after seeing what this amazing device can do, I felt the need to do a review on it. Before I continue, I would like to clear up something with you first. Diversify the Subject Matter Though the main purpose of … [Read more…]

How to treat Tinnitus Naturally?

How to treat tinnitus naturally

Hello everyone and welcome. In this article, I would like to share with you my 5 ways on how to treat tinnitus naturally. Some of these ways may have been overlooked and is worthwhile to try. I would encourage you to share your story of what natural way/s has helped you, so that we can all help each other. This … [Read more…]

Can hearing aids help with Tinnitus?

Can hearing aids help with tinnitus? Allow me to give you my personal experience with having to wear a hearing aid and discuss the effect that it had or has on my tinnitus. My Story Most of you already know my story regarding my hearing. I would like to give the newcomers a quick rundown. Like … [Read more…]

Can Melatonin help with Tinnitus?

Can melatonin help with tinnitus

Can melatonin help with tinnitus? A question that certainly sits on the minds of a lot of tinnitus sufferers. The answer though, may not be as simple as a yes or no. Allow me to explain to you more about Melatonin. What its uses, benefits and associated side effects are.Then I will talk to you about some studies that … [Read more…]

How Can Tinnitus be treated effectively ?

As a tinnitus sufferer, not a day goes by without me asking myself this question.” Can tinnitus be treated effectively so that I can live as “normal” a life as possible? A lot of us wake up every day with this constant buzzing, hissing , whistling roaring noises of tinnitus. At times the “spikes” get so bad, that we may cry … [Read more…]

How to take care of your ears

how to take care of your ears

No doubt that they play a critical role in our daily lives, from sunrise to sunset, so learning how to take our of ears should be given attention just as much as brushing our teeth or caring for our eyes and so forth. The great part is that taking care of them is not as demanding, however, … [Read more…]